Blink-182 Cancels London Gig as Hoppus Succumbs to Illness

Mark Hoppus in 2011; PC: Wikimedia

Seems as though age is finally catching up with perennial pop punk pranksters as Blink-182 has announced that they will deny London a performance tonight due to bassist Mark Hoppus succumbing to a classic combination case of laryngitis and sinusitis – inflammation of the larynx and sinus cavity caused by infection, respectively.

And while some of their fans across the pond might sit and wonder what exactly a larynx is and how exactly is that keeping Hoppus performing, suffice it to say that the bassist won’t be able to sing, although some will argue he had a similar problem before the infection.

In a statement released earlier today, the band announced that "It is with heavy hearts that we have to announce our planned Brixton Academy show tonight has been canceled. After the show last night, the doctor was called out to Mark Hoppus who has been diagnosed with acute laryngitis and sinusitis and been told that he is unable to perform tonight."

Hoppus is not the only member of Blink to be sidelined recently by throat related infections. Earlier in the year, Travis Barker revealed that he had stopped smoking cannabis after it was discovered that he had been suffering from Barrett’s esophagus which was further irritated by the precancerous condition of his smoker’s throat. To make matters worse, the band was forced to cancel a group of dates back in May as Barker underwent an emergency tonsillectomy also stemming from his condition.

"Apologies to all of our fans who had bought tickets and were looking forward to show," continued the band in the same statement. "Thanks for all of the continued support and understanding and coming out to see us at the 34 previous shows we've done on the European tour this summer. We've had an awesome time and hope you have too."

We wish Mark a speedy recovery along with his equally maligned drummer, Travis.

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