Lamb of God Unaware Fan Had Died

Blythe at 2009's Optimus! Live

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Lamb of God’s band manager has released a statement indicating that the first time anyone involved with the group heard of the death of Daniel N was the moment Czech police arrested frontman Randy Blythe and that no one had contacted them in the two years following the fan’s demise.

Blythe is currently still behind bars being held by Prague authorities despite posting the $200,000 bail amount for his release. The band’s Admin Manager Larry Mazer adds that he has been told that it could take another 20 days before the singer would be free to leave.

“Randy should be released immediately,” said Mazer while speaking to the Czech website Blesk. “His lawyer told us so. In the US he would have been – you post the bail and you’re free. Everybody is shocked, it’s absurd. It seems like a bad joke – Randy did nothing wrong. He is innocent.

“Nobody contacted us in the last two years. My contact information is publicly available but I never heard from the family. We didn’t even hear from the concert organizer. Nobody called us. The organizer now says the police contacted him three months after the boy died. I don’t understand why no one got in touch with us to let us know. He was in a coma and he died, and we never heard from anybody.”

Although police authorities involved with the case say they have spoken to US officials about the matter, Mazer stresses, “Do you think I would send the band to the Czech Republic to play a concert, knowing something like this could happen? No way.”

An uncle of the deceased concert goer has condemned the way in which Blythe’s case has been handled so far, indicating that he fears that the musician will flee the country rather than face trial as a result of his experience. “It’s all about money,” says the relative. “The bail is ridiculous. But I just want justice for my nephew.”




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