Bogner La Grange Pedals Now In Stock!

The wait is finally over! The seemingly always back-ordered Bogner pedal is now in stock! Take it from Reinhold Bogner himself: this pedal is “Billy Gibbons in a box!” What more do you need? Since 1989, Bogner’s compelling, respected and sought-after tube amplifiers have graced the stages and studios of elite players throughout the world and now that expertise has come in pedal form! The groundbreaking design come from Bogner’s use of a dedicated audio transformer at the core of the circuitry which adds stunning, vibrant tone like only they can deliver. If you want harmonically rich, buttery tone which is nothing short of sonic symphony, you can’t go wrong with a Bogner pedal!

For those interested in purchasing a La Grange Booster/OD pedal, you better act now because supply is limited and they’re going fast!


BOGNER La Grange Overdrive Boost Guitar Pedal @ $249.99!

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