Mr. Bono Goes to Washington

Bono to fight for AIDS relief

Reuters is reporting that famed philanthropist and sometimes rock star Bono of U2 will be heading down to Washington DC this week to urge Republican and Democratic lawmakers in an effort to spare AIDS relief cash in the midst of the looming “fiscal cliff” – a series of huge budget cuts and tax hikes worth an estimated $600 billion set to go off at the end of the year unless congress can hash out a deal – that will almost guarantee a cut in funds for the program.

According to Kathy McKiernan, spokeswoman for the ONE Campaign, Bono will be holding talks with congress and senior Obama administration officials sometime during the U2 frontman’s November 12-14 visit.

From taking a look at Bono’s past, you can be sure that he is prepared to go the distance in his stressing the effectiveness of the US foreign assistance programs and the very crucial need to keep them in place in order to avoid backtracking on the recent progress made against HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria – especially in the hardest hit regions of Africa.

Just for reference, the US government-funded programs that support life-saving treatments for HIV/AIDS victims, nutrition programs for malnourished children and emergency food aid make up only 1 percent of the entire US budget which helps tens of millions of lives in impoverished nations.

Meanwhile on Monday, November 12, 2012, Bono is set to appear at Georgetown University in order to will discuss the power of social movements. Keeping in line with his busy schedule, the politically aware crooner will then meet new World Band President Jim Yong Kim on Wednesday for a web cast discussion on the challenges of eradicating poverty.

It is still no known when exactly Bono will meet with lawmakers regarding the looming US budget cuts.

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