Brand Spotlight: Ampeg


Ampeg was the original big sound bass amp that rocked the arenas of the ‘60s and paved the way for the future of bass sound. Today Ampeg designs and manufactures the highest quality bass combos and bass amp heads and has the bass cabinets to go along with them. Whether you want an all-tube bass amp head to rock the stage with your wall of 4x10 cabinets, or you just need a small bass combo amp to rock your living room, Ampeg has you covered. Below, we take a look at a few of our favorite pieces of gear from the guys at Ampeg.

Ampeg BA-112 V2

Ampeg BA 112-V2 Bass Combo AmpThe BA-112 V2 is a bass combo that has the heart, soul, and sound of a true Ampeg amplifier, even if it doesn't come with all of the bells and whistles of the company’s premier amps and heads. Yup, for under $300, you get a solid, capable combo bass amplifier that is easy to use, features a versatile amount of tones and performs admirably even when cranked near its max volume. Add in the nice extras such as MP3 input, headphone output, a slanted edge design and a limited but admittedly fun built-in overdrive section, and you have a nice little workhorse bass amp. If you're in the market for an at home jamming bass amplifier, something for band practice or a portable friendly combo for small gigs, do yourself and your wallet a favor and give the Ampeg BA-112 a serious look. And just in case you don’t mind dropping another $200 for more power, make sure to check out the Ampeg BA-210 V2.

Ampeg Micro-CL Stack

micro_cl_stackDesigned for veteran bassists looking for a jam-friendly secondary amp or for newer players looking to get their first taste, the Micro-CL Stack delivers that big Ampeg tone in a deceptively lightweight package. The Micro-CL Stack consists of a 2x10 cabinet and 100 Watt Micro-CL Head, coming in at 33lbs and 14 lbs, respectively, making it a breeze to lug around. Core features include 3-band tone controls, FX Loop, stereo input, headphone out (perfect for silent practice sessions), dual instrument inputs (0 dB and -15 dB), all wrapped in the high-quality build that Ampeg amps are known for. If the combo design of something like the BA-112 V2  above isn't up your alley but are looking for something similar in a cab and head format, the Micro-CL Stack is definitely the amp you're looking for.

AMPEG SVT-3 PRO Tube/Solid-State Hybrid Head

svt3proWhile the two pieces of gear above are excellent choices and offer a great value, the SVT-Pro series was designed for professional players looking for an unparalleled experience. The SVT-3 Pro features three 12AX7 preamp tubes, two driver tubes, 3-band tone controls, a five position mid-frequency selection, 9-band graphic EQ, Low and High boost, Effects Loop, and Neutrik Speak-On connectors with locks for better conductivity. There is also a built-in mute button that prevents those annoying pops as you plug in and out of the input, along with a Tuner Out jack that remains active even with the Mute function engaged. As far as build is concerned, it's a no compromise experience. Featuring an 1/8' thick aluminum front panels and top-quality parts and construction, the SVT-3 Pro is a bass head built to last for years. Better yet, it also features built-in variable speed fans to ensure the unit remains cool while in use. If you're looking for a feature packed, no-compromise experience for your bass tone, look no further than the SVT-3 Pro or other heads in the SVT-Pro series.