Brand Spotlight: Darkglass Bass Effects

Based in Helsinki, Finland, Darkglass Electronics has been making big inroads into the bass community with their high-quality, versatile bass-centric gear. Their mission is simple – to help bass players of every genre take their tone to the next level. Much of their expertise can be traced back to the small but dedicated team of professionals, such as founder and CEO Doug Castro, who mixed his passion for bass and electronics at an early age. In fact, the very first circuit he designed was that of the Microtubes B3K – the pedal responsible for the birth of the company and a best-seller to this day. They’ve come a long way since then, releasing a series of excellent pedals used by players and professionals alike, including Alex Webster of Cannibal Corpse, Billy Gould of Faith No More and even Taylor Swift bassist Amos Heller. Below, we take a look at a few standouts that would make a great addition to the toolset of any bassist.


Microtubes B7K Ultra V2 Preamp/DI/OD 

One the most versatile bass stompboxes we’ve seen, the Microtubes B7K Ultra is more than just a simple overdrive pedal. Sure, it’s in there, but it also works just as well as a bass preamp and DI combo, making the B7K Ultra a triple threat bass effects pedal and a worthy successor to the already great Microtubes B3K. New features include a dedicated footswitch that allows you to engage the overdrive section independently, a Master volume control for the overall level and three-way toggle switches for each mid control (with a total of 6 different mid frequencies at your disposal). Combined, these features make the B7K Ultra a powerful device that allows you to meticulously craft your tone with plenty of precision. Whether you’re looking for a punchy yet clean bass tone or exhilarating high gain sounds – or anything in between – the B7K Ultra can deliver.


Duality Bass Fuzz

DarkglassFuzz is a popular effect that gives a player's tone a signature growl that is similar yet different from overdrive and distortion. With that in mind, if you're looking for a fuzz pedal to add to your bass, you can't go wrong with the Duality Fuzz, named after the two discrete fuzz circuits contained within. The first gives you a gated saw-tooth wave while the other provides a more raunchy high-gain sound, both of which can be swept together and variably mixed with the unique Duality knob, making it a highly versatile fuzz pedal. And just in case you're worried about losing any attack and definition to your bass tone, the Blend knob can add your clean sound back into the mix for a tight and articulate sound that retains the grit of the fuzz. Did we mention it works just as well on guitar?


Vintage Deluxe Overdrive

After you spend some time with the Vintage Deluxe, you will instantly see why Darkglass considers it one of the best pedals they have ever made. From warm tube-like tones to amazingly saturated overdrive, this stompbox is able to deliver decades of legendary sounds in a tiny package. Add in a natural dynamic response and organic compression and you have one of the best bass ODs around. Other core features include a powerful four-band EQ that allows you to further shape your sound as you see fit, an Attack Switch with three different bass boost levels, a Grunt Switch to control the amount of low-end saturation and more. And with Direct and Parallel outputs, parallel processing or connecting to a PA or mixing console is a breeze. Perfect for both the studio and on stage, the Vintage Deluxe is a worthy addition to any bass player's board.


Alpha Omicron Bass Preamp/OD

The Darkglass Alpha Omicron takes the high-quality analog double distortion engine found on the original Alpha Omega pedal and puts it into a smaller shell while retaining everything that made it one of the best distortions around. As the name implies, the Alpha Omicron comes packing two core distortion tones; Alpha, which is a punchy, tight type of distortion with a lot of definition, and Omega, a tone which can simply be described as brutal and raw! And once you've chosen your preferred distortion, you can further shape your sound with the Blend knob, allowing you to mix in your desired amount of distortion to your signal. And of course, it also works as a superb bass preamp. Other features include a Bite Switch for an added boost and a Growl control for a fatter tone and increased low-end saturation. From a full on distorted crunch to a subtler overdriven sound, the Alpha Omicron can deliver.


Final Thoughts ...

While the four pedals above are some of our favorites, the guys over at Darkglass Electronics have more up their sleeve. To check out our entire selection of Darkglass products, hit the link below! And as always, if you have any questions regarding the purchase of the pedals above or any other piece of gear we carry, don't hesitate to chat with one of our friendly PAL pros by using the live chat feature below or by calling us toll-free at 1 877-671-2200!