Brand Spotlight: JBL Speakers

Here at ProAudioLand, we pride ourselves on bringing our customers the very best PA systems, speakers from several quality brands including E.V. and Peavey. Today, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the great gear from JBL! Founded in 1946 by audio engineer James B. Lansing (the name behind the JBL brand), JBL is a leading name in both consumer friendly and professional grade audio speaker systems. Known for their high-quality speakers, monitors and more, JBL is a highly trusted name when it comes to audio systems and a perfect choice for any musician. Below are just a few of their excellent offerings.


Live Sound Loudspeakers

A great set of portable loudspeakers is a must for the self-contained musician, DJ or emcee. They are essential for sound reinforcement, stage monitoring, instrument amplification and more. Whether you need a set to practice at home or for the upcoming gig, JBL offers portable PA products that cover the spectrum of price and performance. In clubs, rehearsal halls, festivals, events, houses of worship and ballrooms, JBL portable PA speakers deliver unmatched performance and value! Below are a few model lines that are definitely worth a look.



JRX200 Series Passive Speakers

JRX200 line of PA speakers are painstakingly made to deliver the performance and quality JBL is known for at an affordable price point. The team of engineers at JBL made good on their lofty goal by looking at every aspect of the speaker system design, keeping everything that makes them perform and sound their best while eliminating all the fluff that didn't. They further reduced the overall cost without impacting quality and performance by applying efficient, high-volume production methods and purchase materials at the lowest cost. If you're on a strict budget but don't want to sacrifice performance, the JRX200 line is the perfect mix of quality and value. Models in the JRX200 line include the JRX225, JRX215, JRX212 and the JRX218S subwoofer.



JBL EON600 Series Active Speakers

If powered/active speakers are more of what you're after, the EON600 line a great fit. More than just another great JBL sound system, this line is a true step forward in technology. Completely reimagining how great an affordable self-contained, portable PA system can be, JBL built the EON600 line from the ground up featuring their advanced waveguide technology, in-house designed and manufactured transducers along with wireless remote functionality that allows you to take control it's onboard DSP EQ parameters via Bluetooth. This total redesign of the EON series is a great combination of the latest technologies in cabinet materials, acoustic science, transducer design and user friendliness that delivers the extraordinary quality of a high-end studio monitor.  With professional grade quality, easy to use features, amazing flexibility and portability, these speakers were developed specifically to deliver the best sound possible regardless of how or where you intend to use them. Models in this line include the EON610, EON612, EON615 and the EON618S self-powered subwoofer.



Recording/Studio Monitors

JBL offers some of the best studio monitors on the market, perfect for demanding music, post production or even broadcast applications. With several different models and lines, JBL has the monitor that will fit your quality requirements and budget. But no matter which system you decide on, you'll be sure that your mixes will hit the mark. With over 65 years of research and development, the engineers at JBL meticulously design transducers and system components in-house to ensure that they give each model industry-leading performance. Since room acoustics plays a huge role in what we hear, JBL's strict LSR Linear Spatial Reference design criteria give their studio monitors superior accuracy and imaging in any room. So wherever you choose to work, rest assured that you'll have a clear sound that won't get in the way of your perfect mix.



LSR 3 Series Monitors

The JBL 3 Series features two monitor models: the LSR305 5-inch powered studio monitor and the LSR308 8-inch powered studio monitor. Both models incorporate a range of features that make them perfect for a wide range of environments including multiple inputs, a detented volume control and an input sensitivity switch for compatibility with professional and consumer equipment. Using their low and high-frequency “TRIM” switches, you can tailor the loudspeaker’s response to compensate for room acoustics and the surrounding environment or even just to customize for personal taste. Both models offer impressive performance, with the LSR305 boasting a response of 43Hz to 24 kHz and a peak SPL of 108 dB, while the LSR308 features a response of 37Hz to 24 kHz and a peak SPL of 112 dB. And in case that’s not enough power, you can always add more oomph to your low end with the JBL LSR310S 10" Powered Studio Subwoofer! This affordable subwoofer incorporates JBL’s patented Slip Stream Port which works in tandem with a custom 10" down-firing driver and a 200 Watt amplifier to add deep, powerful bass to any studio monitor system.



Control 2P Stereo Pair Model C2PS

The Control 2P Compact Powered Reference Monitor System combines JBL’s legendary loudspeaker design with powerful amplification to deliver rich, accurate performance for the most demanding audio applications. The compact design, rugged enclosure, and professional features make the Control 2P Compact Powered Reference Monitor perfect for a range of professional applications including recording and video production, entertainment installations, AV presentations, monitoring of electronic musical instruments and much more!

There's a lot more where that came from! Check out replacement speakers, professional audio accessories and more at the JBL Brand Page!




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