Brand Spotlight: Keeley Electronics Effects

We here at ProAudioLand pride ourselves on our huge selection of manufactures. From the biggest names on the block like Fenderand Jim Dunlop to the lesser known brands like Way Huge and Walrus Audio, we’ve got everything you need – and at the lowest prices guaranteed!

Today, we’re going to focus on one of our favorite brands that you might have overlooked – Keeley Electronics! Aided by a reputation for high quality products and famous customers such as Brad Paisley, Keeley Electronics is now one of the world’s leading guitar effects pedal manufacturers who not only specialize in sought after pedal modifications but have plenty of popular original creations as well. Born out of founder Robert Keeley’s garage in 2001, Keeley Electronics first made a name for themselves by rebuilding and modifying old effects units – starting with a Ross compressor – until finally hitting it big with their version of the Ibanez TS9 which was quickly adopted by several artists such as Peter Frampton, Jon Herington and Ike Willis.

Currently located in Edmond, Oklahoma, Keeley Electronics continues to provide unique guitar effects pedals that are as highly regarded in tone as they are in quality by staying true to Robert Keeley’s commitment to carefully selecting electronic components for a sound that is truly one of a kind – even when the pedals themselves aren't!

Below, we have some of our personal favorites but you can check out our entire selection of Keeley Electronics pedals right here!



KEELEY 6 Stage Phaser Guitar Effects Pedal

KEELEY 6 Stage Phaser Guitar Effects PedalThe Keeley Phaser boasts a 6-stage analog phasing circuit based on OTA IC's. Phasers with these circuits are known for very rich and deep phaser sounds. The phasing is not as mechanical as their JFET cousins and this contributes greatly to their lush sound. The Keeley Phaser has a beautiful resonant response in the slow speeds and a sonorous shimmer at the faster settings.

While they were working on the sound, Keeley was also looking for new methods of control. Features like speed ramps and tap tempos were what they had in mind. They wanted the digital circuitry to feel like was an "Invisible Hand" turning the knobs on your completely analog effect. This is very much what they achieved with the Keeley Phaser. Your signal is never sampled, your sound never deconstructed. It's as if an impossibly good guitar tech adjusted your phaser to the exact speed you were tapping!

In addition to the tap tempo feature, Keeley added a ramp that allows you to merge seamlessly between two different speeds. They were looking for something similar to the brake on a Leslie. This feature turned out to be way more fun than expected!


KEELEY Electronics Katana Boost Clean Booster

KEELEY Electronics Katana Boost Clean BoosterWant a mirror image of your tone, only louder? This is it. The Katana is also a fat, harmonically rich boost, just pull out on the volume knob and stretch your imagination with overdriven tone! You can keep it on all the time to push your amp harder, or as an occasional boost to cut through the mix.

Features include and internal Power Supply Boost  that turns your 9 volts into 18!!! The power supply's high voltage is what leads to this super clean headroom pre-amp. Sound like rack or studio gear! The Katana Boost also boasts a JFET design for clean, tube like tones when they overdrive or clip.  Other features include a Push-Pull speed knob, gain controlled by side mount knob so it can be adjust with your feet and metal film resistors and caps for an ultra low noise design!


KEELEY Red Dirt Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

KEELEY Red Dirt Overdrive Guitar Effects PedalThe Red Dirt overdrive began from a quest to find the perfect classic drive sound while also offering new levels of sonic versatility to satisfy a wider range of musical styles. Founder and head engineer Robert Keeley took this idea and combined the great sounds found within his original “Mod Plus” and “Baked” modified pedals and added refinements found exclusively in his custom pedal line. By incorporating these tones along with the Keeley standard of U.S.A. hand-built quality using premium components, the Red Dirt overdrive aims to become an indispensable part of any pedal chain.



KEELEY TS-808 Modified Ibanez Tube Screamer Mod Plus

KEELEY TS-808 Modified Ibanez Tube Screamer Mod PlusThough the Ibanez TS808 is a legendary Tube Screamer, Robert Keeley felt there were areas that need improvement, namely increasing its limited bass response and limited gain range. With the TS808 Mod Plus Tube Screamer, that's exactly what you get, plus a Texas Instruments RC4558 chip like those used in early TS808 units and increased transparency over the stock model.

The bass response of the TS808 Mod Plus Tube Screamer is tightened up, cleaning up the muddiness that many TS808 users have complained about. The gain range is tweaked as well, allowing the pedal to clean up nicely at lower ranges and drive harder when cranked, plus plenty of sweet spots in between. Other upgrades include a gold chip socket, increased control and response from the tone control, and a fuller low-end sound.

Keeley also improves parts of the FET switching so that you have a better, clearer tone, both when the pedal's on and off. All the factory solder joints are checked so you won't have power supply problems anytime soon. Metal film resistors are used to reduce noise in the system as well.


KEELEY Modified Boss BD-2 Phat Mod Overdrive Pedal

KEELEY Modified Boss BD-2 Phat Mod Overdrive PedalThe BD-2 Phat Mod is Transparent Overdrive with Full Range sound. Honestly one of the neatest sounds ever put in a stomp box. It's not simply a distortion pedal but rather a tone tool that adds to your guitar tone, supplying really nice lows, crystal clear high frequency, great picking response and detail. For those wanting to set their amp on fire but not change the tone of their system, this is the pedal.

The BD-2 is not the same as a TS9 pedal. It has a more FULL-RANGE sound and is much more TRANSPARENT. When cranked it offers a grittier/more-edgy tone. Want the best overdrive for BASS. Try the Blues Driver! A TS9 or other bass drive pedal will just limit your low end response; this will make tube sounding bass-overdrive a reality for you. The BD-2 is very DYNAMIC and works wonders with the volume control on your guitar. You can control all the drive you want by setting the BD-2 Gain high and using your volume control to instantly dial in the rest! This is not a "fuzz" pedal, but has the best characteristics of a fuzz pedal. Smoother and more realistic sounding on top of all that! This is the pedal if you are looking for the cranked Fender Super amplifier sound.

Plus, Keeley added the "Phat switch" to allow even more of your natural low end through for those times when you need a little more beef! One of the best parts is that it has tremendous volume output. It can be used as a CLEAN BOOST with no problem and drive your amp into natural sounding overdrive.


KEELEY Mod TR-2 Tremolo Mod Guitar Effects Pedal


KEELEY Mod TR-2 Tremolo Mod Guitar Effects PedalBoss makes a great Tremolo pedal, the TR-2. Keeley has more than solved the volume drop "problem," they've also upgraded the audio circuitry and improved the response. They also have reduced unwanted distortions and noise. Now the pedal can even be used as a clean boost!


The Keeley Electronics TR-2 modification gives you a blend between the stock look and the boutique look. Using Boss parts they have redesigned the depth control area to have a volume control as well! Now you have final control in the output level! This means you can stomp on the pedal for a nice volume boost during solos and drive your amp into a really cool, retro sound, or set it for an even volume level. By using a dual concentric potentiometer, the appearance is kept clean while making the pedal a useful tool for guitar players, keyboard players, etc. The Keys Man for the Goo Goo Dolls has already sent his in!


Keeley improves the bass response of the pedal. They upgrade the entire audio path for higher fidelity, which leads to more of your natural guitar tone getting through. You will now have more transparency and more highs.

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