Brand Spotlight: Mission Engineering Expression Pedals And Guitar Cabs


Born out of a garage in Petaluma, California, Mission Engineering is a modern audio tech company known for their high-quality expression pedals, effects, amps, and cabinets. Since they began in 2009, they have moved out of the garage and expanded to multiple locations, even acquiring Stagecraft in 2015. Since then, they have only kept growing. Today, we wanted to share with our visitors a few of our favorite pieces of gear from Mission Engineering. If you have never had the chance to check one of these in person, you're definitely missing out on some of the best modern expression pedals and cabs around!


Expression Pedals

If there is one line of audio gear that could be considered their bread and butter, it would most definitely be their expression pedals. With the world's largest range of pro-grade expression pedals, they have the perfect piece for nearly any player. Better yet, each is designed to work with the latest and greatest digital amps, effects, and controllers. Take the EP-1 KP for example; it was created from the ground up to work with the popular Kemper Profiler amp head and rack unit, giving the EP1 KP and smooth and natural response that you just can't get from any old expression pedal. If you're more of a Line 6 guy, you owe it to yourself to check out the LP-1, made to work with all Line-6 products -- just hook it up with any instrument cable and you're good to go! Other popular expression pedal options include the SP1-L6H Chris Broderick Signature,  the SP-H9, the EP-25 Pro, and the EP-1 -- Mission Engineering's best selling Exp pedal to date.


ep1-l6-bkMission Engineering LP1-L6 Expression Pedal For All Line 6 Products @ $130.00

The Mission EP1-L6 connects to the Line 6 device with an expression pedal input and with a single TS cable. TRS cables are not required for Line 6 expression pedals.

The linear potentiometer is matched exactly to the specifications of the Line 6 device for a precise and natural response. Just connect to the pedal input on any compatible Line 6 device with a regular instrument cable.


Pedal dimensions are 10″ x 4″ x 3″
Weight is 3.2lb
Potentiometer is 10K Ohm Linear



Volume Pedals

As for volume pedals, we have to mention the VM-Pro, one of the most intricate and sophisticated volume pedals ever made. A common complaint with volume pedals is that many of them can suck your tone or cause unseen compatibility issues. Not so with the VM-Pro. This hand-wired volume pedal offers reliable performance without touching your sound. It also works on a variety of instruments, from electric guitars, acoustic electrics, bass guitars, keyboards and more. The VM-Pro features an onboard buffer, isolated tuner-out, sparkle control, and compatibility switches for use with both active and passive pickups as well as fuzz pedals.


Digital Speaker Cabinets

As good as their volume and expression pedals are, it's their Gemini line of digital speaker cabinets that really steal the show. With a ton of modern and powerful features including a bit-perfect USB audio signal, wireless Bluetooth compatibility, and coaxial full range drivers, these hand-crafted guitar cabinets are all about great sound and uncompromised control. With a choice of mono and stereo, active and passive, and a range of different cabinet types, Gemini line of speaker cabs is the perfect choice for monitoring, performance, and recording for players using modeling amps and software-based guitar systems. Models in the Gemini line of digital speaker cabs include the 100-Watt 1x10 Gemini-1, the 220-Watt 2x10 Gemini-2, and the 110-Watt Gemini-1 monitor wedge.


Mission Engineering Gemini 2 cabMission Engineering Gemini-2 @ $1,699.00

The Gemini 2 provides full stereo in a single cabinet from the external left and right connections from a stereo modeling device, or form the internal stereo USB or optional Bluetooth wireless audio.

You can use Gemini almost anywhere in the world. Just connect directly to wall power wherever you are with a suitable cable. The included V-Lock power cable protects against accidental removal Power saving features such as a high-efficiency power supply and deep sleep modes mean Mission Geminis use a fraction of the power of a regular amp.



Final Thoughts ...

If you're the type of player that appreciates the hand-crafted quality of vintage audio gear but happily embraces what modern technology has brought to the table, Mission Engineering was made for you and your sound! If you have any questions regarding the purchase of any of the products above or any other piece of gear we carry, don't hesitate to chat with one of our friendly PAL pros by using the live chat feature below or by calling us toll-free at 1 877-671-2200!

Click here to check out our entire selection of Mission Engineering professional audio gear!



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