Brand Spotlight: Mono Cases, Bags And Straps

While they're still relatively young (officially launching in 2007 at the Winter NAMM expo), MONO's big debut was unanimous: artists, distributors and members of the music community were very much impressed with what they had to offer.  With some of the biggest names in music carrying around MONO bags and straps for their own gear -- such as the Roots, Johnny Marr of The Smiths, Brian Hardgroove of Public Enemy and Vernon Reid and Doug Wimbish of Living Colour, just to name a few -- they're the perfect accessory for the gigging musician.



MONO Instrument Gig Bags And Cases

m80-eb-blk-horz From Left: M80 Electric Guitar, M80 Double Bass, Vertigo Electric Guitar.

The M80 line that launched the brand is still a favorite among players, engineered to shave off pounds of unnecessary weight (the M80 Electric Guitar case weighs just over 5 lbs) while remaining rigid in all the right places for the utmost protection. For years, hard cases have been the traditional choice despite their weight as they offered the best protection. With a MONO M80, you no longer have to compromise. The gigging lifestyle is hard enough; lessen the load with a modern case that offers smart features, lightweight construction and superb protection in one. Available for traditional solid body guitars, acoustic, classical, hollow-body and bass along with double-instrument options for electric guitar and bass.

both_ash_and_black_sleeves MONO Electric Guitar And Bass Sleeve

While the M80 line is no slouch, a favorite of many, their newer Vertigo line kicks things up a notch. With more features, more protection and an innovative top-loading design, the Vertigo line is the cream of the crop of gig bags. The top loading design allows you to quickly and easily pull your guitar out from the top or just throw it back in and the neck finds a natural resting point in the base of the Headlock. Just zip the case up and the top section of the Headlock automatically clamps down over your guitar, holding it firmly in place, fully protected against backward drops and side-to-side impact. It doesn't end there; the Vertigo bottom "Boot," a rubber sole designed for unsurpassed protection against vertical drops, bounces off of concrete like a pair of cross trainers with ease. Available for bass, solid body and semi hollow-body guitar.

If light and simple is more of the priority, MONO's M80 Sleeve bags for guitar and bass are the perfect solution. MONO Sleeve's combine great protection and high quality construction in a minimalist design that's perfect for traveling light and simple while maintaining plenty of protection.



MONO Straps

MonoStraps From Top: Doolittle, Betty And Warsaw.

MONO guitar straps are designed to be comfortable, breathe well, and let you focus on the music, and not the instrument. If you like your straps to wear like you favorite pair of jeans, more comfortable the older they get, then the MONO Doolittle is the perfect fit. With a classic look and feel featuring clean lines and industrial grade materials, the Doolittle is designed to wear well over time as it conforms to the player and stay strong for years to come.

The MONO Betty strap is built for life on stage, featuring a design made for comfort and performance. With the hidden mini pocket, you can stash picks, a slide, or whatever right where you need it for quick access during play. And with the matte black steel hardware and military-grade webbing, it can take the wear and tear of life on the road with ease.

For those that prefer something simple, not too flashy yet can stand a lifetime of abuse, the MONO Warsaw strap is it. Made from the same nylon webbing used in automobile seatbelts, the Warsaw can easily handle life on the stage. But it's more than just a very strong strap: the Warsaw also features a simple yet refined look with plenty of little details that will get you noticed -- in a good way. Industrial elegance, through and through!



MONO Gear And Accessories Bags

m80-tk1-blk_2 MONO Guitar Tick Jet Black

MONO M80 bags aren't just made for guitar and bass. Whether you're a drummer looking for a slick way to carry and protect your sticks, drum pedals, cymbals or snare, there are bags for you. A guitarist with a pedalboard featuring enough effects to buy used car? There's a bag for you. Keyboardist? Yup, there's a bag for you.

Or maybe you just need a bag to carry all of that extra gear the cables, the picks, the extra strings and accessories needed for gigs -- then the MONO Guitar Tick bag is the perfect bag for you.  Instead of over-stuffing your guitar case, or bringing an extra carry-on bag, MONO designed the Guitar Tick to be the perfect compliment to a MONO case. The Tick firmly attaches in just the right location, protecting your guitar or bass from excess weight over the bridge. The pockets on your M80 Case remain accessible and the load stays balanced whether wearing or carrying. Take any M80 Guitar Case, add the Tick, and you've got a super slick, streamlined setup ready for the stage!

There's plenty more where that came from including bags for DJs, studio gear, bundles and more! You can check all of our MONO products by heading over to the Brand Page.


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