Brand Spotlight: Outdoor Ukuleles

One of the biggest reasons why more of us don't take our prized acoustic instruments out into the wilderness during a camping trip or hike is simple -- not only do the elements not mix well with acoustic guitars but they are also a bit too big to carry with ease. With that in mind, a Bend, Oregon, company made it their main mission to fix exactly that problem. Introducing Outdoor Ukulele, creators of the very original outdoor-centric ukulele that replaces typical tonewoods with ultra-strong composite polycarbonate and glass fibers to create one of the toughest instruments around. Designed specifically for camping, backpacking or just general traveling, these ukes have been battle tested everywhere from the Arctic Ocean to the Amazon River and still kept on kicking.


Soprano Moonshine, Available With Gold Or Nickel Tuners.


A Closer Look At Outdoor Ukulele

Outdoor Ukuleles are created from two injection molded polycarbonate halves which are joined together using industrial Cyanoacrylate adhesive. Once joined, the tuners and strings are then installed. All Outdoor Ukulele Soprano ukes are available with either nickel or gold tuners and feature D’Addario Pro-Arté Fluorocarbon strings.

Overall, these ukuleles are outstanding. It should be noted that by using a polycarbonate body, it's going to have a different tone than a traditional uke. It's a little brighter and sharper than a normal ukulele and doesn't have some of that warm edge of other wooden instruments. But regardless, the tone is crisp, clear and articulate. Once you get an ear for it, the tonal character of the Outdoor Ukulele will certainly grow on you.

As far as playability is concerned, these ukuleles are superb. As a frequent player of dozens of well known and lesser known ukes from a wide range of price points, I can confidently say that the feel of an Outdoor Ukulele ranks among the best I've ever come across. And when you think about it, it makes sense as these ukes are essentially computer generated and don't have to deal with the small differences in size that are inherent in natural wooden instrument construction.

Obviously, these ukuleles are as durable and tough as you can get. The entire instrument feels like it can take a hard beating and come out unscathed. And aside from the tuners and strings (which are replaceable), the Outdoor Ukulele is essentially waterproof. The best way to describe the feeling of having an instrument that can weather all the normal acoustic instrument enemies is like having a waterproof phone for the first time -- it's so ingrained in you to avoid certain hazards that once you realize that you no longer have to worry, it truly is liberating.

Final Thoughts ...

Final Thoughts...

Sure, these Outdoor Ukuleles aren't going to replace your current instrument on stage or in the studio but the fact that you can confidently and easily take one of these bad boys anywhere without fear of lasting damage is well worth the price of admission. Add in the fact that they actually sound and feel great and you have the perfect musical companion on any trip or even just jamming at home. And if you don't already know how to play the ukulele, there's no better time than now. Not only do they share the same chord shapes as the popular six-stringed instrument (only with 4 strings and at a different register) but they can actually improve your guitar skills in the process.