Brand Spotlight: Radial Engineering

ProAudioLand is a proud dealer of Radial Engineering, manufacturers of professional audio products used by top players around the world. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Radial is best known for their wide range of versatile DI boxes, preamps, buffers and other pro audio gear that are as popular for their quality as they are for their affordable price. If you want more control over your signal and setup, Radial offers a wide variety of products that are meant to improve your tone as well as fix common problems associated signal flow. Whether you're looking to strengthen your signal, more flexibility over your setup, reduce noise and artifacts or just improve your overall tone, Radial Engineering has a lot of great pro audio gear to offer.   


Check Out A Few Great Radial Engineering Products Below!


Radial prod2

Pro DI and Pro D2

The Radial ProDI's are among the company's most popular products for a good reason. The single-channel ProDI and dual-channel ProD2 are full-range passive direct boxes equipped with custom made audio transformers that offer exceptional signal handling without saturation and with extremely low phase distortion in the all-important bass and mid regions. What this means for your signal is exceptional clarity and definition, all at a price point that makes them among the best value around. Ultra-compact and made of 14-gauge steel, both ProDI models feature internal I-beam construction with a 'book-end' outer shell for extreme durability so they can take a beating in the studio or on the stage with ease. These boxes offer the performance and quality of DI boxes that go for twice as much, making the ProDI and ProD2 a smart choice for price conscience players. The perfect DI boxes for acoustic guitar, bass and keyboards.





The J48 was designed from the ground up with one main goal in mind: pure, natural tone. A great direct box should not alter the sound of your instrument, but work with it, retaining the true character and coloration that made them your choice in the first place. The J48 does exactly that, keeping your instrument's tone as pure as it gets while sending the signal to the console without adding any distortion or artifacts. You bought that vintage Telecaster for that vintage Telecaster sound so why muddy it up? Aside from great, natural tone, the J48 has been optimized to produce maximum headroom and improved signal handling while working with nothing more than your standard 48V phantom power. The result is lower harmonic distortion, half the intermodulation distortion and significantly improved dynamics over other DI boxes that go for hundreds more. Its also built rock solid so you can rest assured that the J48 will keep going strong for years.




Bones Twin City

The Twin-City is an active ABY switcher and buffer that enables you to connect any two amps and drive them simultaneously without noise, loss of gain and without degrading your natural guitar tone. This is accomplished with Radial's highly acclaimed buffering technology and the same Drag Control  load correction circuitry as used in the award-winning Radial JD7 Injector. The "set and forget" Drag Control lets you compensate for cable signal loss and introduce the perfect amount of loading to replicate the way your guitar and amp interact. To eliminate hum and buzz from ground loops, the Twin-City is equipped with an isolation transformer on output B. This is augmented with a ground lift switch and 180 degree polarity reverse switch that ensures both amplifiers play in phase while noise is reduced to an absolute minimum even when using older vintage amps that are generally more prone to noise. As a buffer, the Twin-City lowers the impedance and susceptibility to noise, making it the ideal signal driver for large stages when using long cable runs.




Re-amping has been a well known studio trick featured on countless recordings by the biggest names in the business, often used on guitars, bass, keyboards, percussion and vocals to create new textures and tones. With the ProRMP, re-amping at home or in the studio has never been easier or more affordable. The  ProRMP is a 100% passive re-amplifier that lets you to take a pre-recorded track and re-amplify it through a guitar amp or effects pedals to create new and exciting tones. Just connect the box between the recorder and your amp or effects units and the ProRMP does all the impedance matching for you. Just plug it in, adjust the level to your liking and you're ready to go. The secret behind the ProRMP's great tone is a custom wound transformer that instantly converts the balanced low-z source to a hi-z input for your amp while also acting as an electrical isolator to eliminate troublesome ground loops that can often cause buzz and hum in the sound. And like all Radial boxes, its built tough. For affordable professional re-amping that's as easy as it gets, the ProRMP is a no brainer.




Big Shot Pb-1

The BigShot PB1 is a power booster and buffer unit in one compact box, designed to provide exceptional tonal performance for pedalboard users by eliminating the common problems associated with long cable runs and more. Unlike class-B preamps found in most pedals that color the tone and give buffers a bad reputation, the BigShot PB1 features a 100% discreet class-A circuit designed to deliver superior sound quality, reduced zero cross distortion, improved phase response and smooth, evenly cascading harmonics. And with 15dB of boost (accessed through a rear-mounted recessed control to protect it from accidental foot stomp damage), there's plenty of power to ensure a strong, clean signal like you never thought possible. The BigShot PB1 also features Radial's signature Drag Control, a variable load correction circuit that lets you dial in the perfect impedance to match the original tone and feel of your guitar and amp combination. With the PB1, noise is reduced while overall performance is improved, making it a great choice for pedalboard users everywhere.



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