Brand Spotlight: Raw Vintage Guitar Pickups And Accessories


Like cars, vintage equipment is a huge market in the guitar world. While the latest guitar models feature plenty of great innovation and outstanding tone, there's just something about the classics that will never go out of style. But just like cars, finding vintage parts can be easier said than done (or very pricey). In comes manufacturers like Raw Vintage -- a company dedicated to recreating vintage-specific pickups and accessories. Below, we take a look at a few of our favorite products from Raw Vintage.

RV-50 And RV-60 Single Coils

rv-single-pkg_1Fully handmade and hand-wound, Raw Vintage's RV-50 and RV-60 single coils were created with vintage accurate specs and tone in mind. These are Strat-styled "American" single coils that feature the smooth, classic tones of the originals, down to the "quack." Features include  Alnico 5 magnets, period-accurate Formvar copper wire, vintage-style push back cloth leads, and dipped in layers of lacquer and wax. This gives the RV-50 and RV-60 pickups an amazingly pure sound that matches perfectly with the natural tone of classic guitars.

Compared to the RV-50s, the 60s are a bit hotter thanks to the extra coil winds, along with rolled off highs and more mid-range attack, making them a great choice for classic guitar players that want a little more bite. Both the RV-50s and RV-60s are available in three pickup sets or individually.

RV-PAF Humbuckers

paf-clLike the single-coils above, Raw Vintage humbuckers are each handmade with vintage specs and sound fully in mind. Features include era-accurate plain enamel copper wire, custom Alnico magnets (enclosed in a nickel casing) and hand-wound, delivering a highly versatile tonal range with crystal clear highs, punchy bottom-end and plenty of note-to-note articulation. More specifically, they tend to deliver a nice and airy but overall tight sound, with smooth highs, punchy low and great attack. And just like the originals, each Raw Vintage PAF humbucker can be used in either the neck or bridge position. These vintage PAF humbuckers are available in both Gibson and Fender-styled spacings, both covered and uncovered.

Tremolo Springs And Steel Saddles

rvs-108No matter how well you take care of your vintage rig, wear and tear will eventually cause certain parts to break. At that point, replacing them with standard modern pieces can ruin the look, even alter the tone. This is where Raw Vintage tremolo springs and steel saddles come in. Both of these components play a role in the signature sound of classic Strats, which is why Raw Vintage went to great lengths to recreate them as close to the originals as possible. From the manufacturing techniques to the metal composition weight, and more, Raw Vintage tremolo springs and saddles are perfect choices for players looking to keep their '50s and '60s Strats looking and feeling as original as possible. Saddles are available in both 11.2mm Strat and 10.8mm "Gotoh Japan" style pitches while the tremolo springs come in a 5-piece set.