Brand Spotlight: Suhr Pickups and Effects

Having been a Suhr dealer for more than 10 years (as well as being named their 2015 Electronics Dealer of the Year), we know first hand of the outstanding quality, craftsmanship and tone their gear is known for. Founded in 1997 by John Suhr, famous for his exquisitely crafted guitars, Suhr is responsible for creating some of the most highly regarded instruments, amps, effects and pickups in the business. While they might be best known for their top-notch guitars, their high quality effects pedals and pickups deserve the spotlight as well. Below is just a small sample of effects and pickups Suhr has to offer.


Aldrich Humbuckers

Created through a collaboration between John Suhr and famed guitarist Doug Aldrich, these pickups are Suhr's highest-output pickups on the market, perfect for aggressive rock  and metal style playing. From chunky low-string metal riffing to screaming string bends in the high register, the Aldrich bridge humbucker covers them all while retaining the dynamics of your pick attack. The neck pickup meanwhile retains clear string-to-string balance, with warmth in the mids, tight and clear lows, and sweet singing highs. Whether it's thick, crunchy rhythm sounds, sweet bluesy leads or fluid high-gain lead sounds, the Aldrich neck and bridge humbuckers will deliver. Aldrich Bridge Pickups available in the Fender-Style Trem Spacing (53mm) and Gibson-Style Spacing (50mm). All Aldrich neck pickups are 50mm spacing.


DSV and SSV Pickups

If you're looking for authentic vintage humbucker tones, the Suhr DSV and SSV humbucking pickups are just what the doctor ordered. Used by top pros who need to duplicate the classic sounds of an unforgettable era, the DSV and SSV pickups have a broad sonic aperture with very little compression artifacts that typically afflict high-output pickups. The DSV  is best known for its smoother highs while the SSV is popular for its honk and snarl. And with 30 years of research and development by John Suhr, you can be sure that the DSV and SSV humbuckers offer the quality  and workmanship that Suhr is known for. DSV and SSV Bridge pickups are available in both Fender-Style Trem Spacing (53mm) and Gibson-Style Spacing (50mm).


Mike Landau Classic Single-Coils

zz638-638-020The Mike Landau Classic Strat-style single coils meld the best qualities of various vintage pickups in a modern single design. Created by John Suhr in conjunction with input from LA studio legend and solo artist Mike Landau, these pickups were made for big and full tone while retaining the detailed high-end sparkle and the big tight lows of the best vintage pickups. Suhr also made sure to incorporate certain beneficial modern elements such as a modified staggered pole piece design to provide a even magnetic field needed to accommodate instruments with flatter neck radiuses and today’s string gauges. Whether you're playing blistering fat leads or sparkling rhythm sounds, the ML Classic will cover all the bases and then some. The ML pickups are calibrated for each position, including for the middle position with reverse winding and reverse polarity. Also available individually (Bridge, Middle, Neck).


Shiba Drive OD

shiba-driveThe Suhr Shiba Drive is a low/medium gain OD pedal perfect for bluesy overdriven tones or classic rock crunch that can take you from Stevie Ray Vaughan to Angus Young with the twist of a knob. Put the Shiba in front of an already overdriven amp for amazing sustain and extra drive for searing leads. The slight midrange focus of the Shiba Drive helps your sound cut through the mix while keeping the tonal integrity of your guitar and pickups as loud and clear as possible. The Shiba Drive also comes with a 3 way midrange EQ switch (known as the "Smooth Switch") for added tonal flexibility. From firm balanced lows, punchy mids with just the right amount of cut and impressively smooth highs, the Shiba Drive is a solid overdrive pedal that offers a lot to like.


Koko Boost

koko-boostWhether you're looking for a booster pedal that doesn't color your tone or one that does, the Koko Boost will fit the bill. With the Boost Switch engaged, the Koko Boost offers a crisp, clean and transparent boost that keeps your tone as natural as it gets while pushing it to the next level. The Midrange Boost meanwhile is for those looking for some extra character in their sound. The type of effect offered by the Midrange Boost is adjusted by the frequency toggle: Left highlights the middle range, giving a full and smooth sound to accentuate your guitar’s midrange characteristics; Center highlights the high mids, giving a clear and articulate voice to cut through the mix; and Right highlights the low mids, giving a fat and creamy thickened tone. Whether you need a slight boost of your clean sound (up to 20 decibels) or a midrange boost dialed in to overdrive your tube amp for solos that cut through the mix, the Koko Boost won't let you down.



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