CBGB's may be Reborn with New Location and New Music

Public Domain: CBGB & OMFUG

Legendary New York punk-rock club CBGB’s may be reborn in a brand new location and will center on newer music according to a club spokesman.

A new batch of investors is currently making plans to reopen the historic downtown Manhattan venue which was permanently shut down in 2006 due to rent disputes with the property owner. Their spokesman was clear to point out that rather than bringing back the past, the new CBGB’s will focus on new music, albeit in the same spirit that made the venue the launching pads for numerous punk-rock/new wave bands of the ‘70s and ‘80s such as The Ramones, Blondie and The Talking Heads.

"They are hoping to open a new venue focused on new music," the spokesman said. "They are not trying to recreate the past but hope to open a space in the spirit of CBGB."

In celebration of the momentous event, the group is set to deliver the first CBGB music festival which will feature over 300 indie bands at several clubs in Manhattan and Brooklyn in addition to panel discussions and film screenings. The festival is set to take place over four days from July 5-8.

"It's a relief to know that it's not going to die," Lisa Kristal Burgman, daughter of the late CBGB’c founder Hilly Kristal, told the New York Times."It's going to be reborn."



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