Check Out The Brand New Duncan Saturday Night Special Humbuckers

Update: We have included a video demo of the Saturday Night Special humbucker set straight from the guys over at Seymour Duncan, featuring acclaimed guitarist Doug Rappoport! Hear them in action below! 

Today, we’d like to share with our readers a brand new set of humbuckers from the pickup gurus at Seymour Duncan, the Saturday Night Special humbucking pickups. These vintage-voiced humbuckers come equipped with top of the line Alnico 4 magnets and feature thick, full-bodied clean tones along with bold, singing overdriven leads that are tailor-made for fans of ‘70s arena rock everywhere. Other features include standard four-conductor wiring, short mounting legs and a maple spacer.


The Appeal Of The Saturday Night Special Humbuckers

What makes this humbucker set so great is the stunning tonal balanced between the bridge and neck. While the bridge position humbucker is wound hotter and a bit thicker, the neck boasts a slightly clearer, less “wooly” tone. That might not sound too revolutionary on its own but when added together, you have a set capable of articulate, aggressive tones that don’t lose their vintage roots. Think of it as the perfect middle ground between traditional ‘50s styled models and modern flavored, high gain humbuckers, which is exactly what you’d want in order to recreate those awesome ‘70s arena rock tones. They also don’t have the stereotypical compression you find in most high gain pickups.


Saturday Night Special gold cover humbucker The Saturday Night Special humbuckers are available in black uncovered bobbins, Zebra uncovered bobbins, gold covers, and nickel covers, as a bridge and neck set or on their own.

And you can rest assured that every Saturday Night Special humbucker features the top tier quality Seymour Duncan pickups are known for.

Seymour Duncan Saturday Night Special Humbuckers Demo Featuring Doug Rappoport:


Click here for more info on the Saturday Night Special humbuckers.



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