As I Lay Dying Singer Arrested For Soliciting Murder-For-Hire

As I Lay Dying lead singer Tim Lambesis.

The frontman of San Diego based heavy metal band As I Lay Dying was arrested yesterday, Tuesday, May 7th, for trying to hire a hit man to kill his wife, according to police accusations. 

Tim Lambesis, who is the lead singer and co-founder of the group, allegedly asked an undercover detective on Tuesday afternoon to murder his recently estranged wife, according to the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department. Authorities also add that Lambesis was arrested at anOceansidebusiness without incident.

Officials said they learned last Thursday that Lambesis had solicited someone to kill his wife, who is an Encinitas resident, and that they immediately began an investigation.

A search of court records has determined that Lambesis' wife, Meggan, filed for divorce inNorthCountylast September.

"There was no doubt as to the intention," said San Diego Sheriff’s representative Jan Caldwell, who also stated on Tuesday that “the captain, when it got to his desk, his words were, ‘We have to act on this now.’ ”  

Caldwellsaid investigators had to act quickly because even though murder-for-hire plots are rare, they can be unpredictable.

"In my law enforcement career of 40-plus years, I've heard of it a handful of times,”Caldwellsaid. “It's fairly rare, but it’s one of those things that could have extremely tragic consequences."

SoundDiego contributor Tim Pyles of FM 94/9 was understandably shocked by the news.

“He’s not the idealistic young Christian kid he once was, apparently,” Pyles said. “Beause that’s what [As I Lay Dying] are: a straight-edged Christian metal band. He was a nice guy. I’ve had him on my show a couple times over the years. I just spoke to him via Facebook the last couple months about having him come on to talk about his latest record.”

Pyles said he wouldn’t be the only one disturbed by the news, not least of which is the big man upstairs.

“I'm bummed,” Pyles said. “There’s a lot of people who look up to him. He’s just broken a lot of hearts if it’s true.”

This is currently a developing story. 


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