Colbert Interviews Morrissey - And He's Not Laughing

Morrissey on The Colbert Report, Tuesday, October 9th 

What happens when you bring together an artist that makes even Jane Fonda seem sensible and a pseudo journalist that has enough cajones to make fun of a president to his face? Pure Television gold – unless you’re a Morrissey fan!

Known for his fair share of very intrepid and lecture heavy responses during interviews, British crooner Morrissey for some reason decided to make an appearance on Comedy Central’s Colbert Report and you can imagine what happened.

Things started off relatively normal as host Stephen Colbert – who plays the show as a very caricaturized version of a right wing pundit modeled after Bill O’Reilly or Glenn Beck – introduces Morrissey to the audience as a living legend. From the look on Morrissey’s face, you knew something was about to happen.

The former Smiths frontman quickly asks Colbert if he knows the meaning of the word.

“It means you’re dead,” quipped Colbert.

Morrissey’s response: “No, it means it might be true and it might be false so it doesn't really apply."

In case you’re not too familiar with the “legendary” singer, Morrissey is probably better known for his staunch hatred of eating meat and equally repugnant views of his country’s rulers – among many, many other things – than any piece of music he’s released in the last decade.

So, does Colbert back off a bit from his obviously serious-natured guest? Of course not, it actually gets much better. 

Colbert: "Did you enjoy the Queen's jubilee, such a glorious celebration?"

Morrissey: "A celebration of what?"

Colbert: "Sixty years of majesty.”

Morrissey: "Sixty years of dictatorship."

Colbert: "Sixty years of dictatorship, what are you talking about? Didn't you like the pageantry?"

Morrissey: "No, no, sorry, no, no, no, no."

Colbert: “But she's your queen!"

Colbert goes on to change the question but it becomes fairly obvious that he’s not done having fun with the UK crooner just yet as each ensuing question only seems to peeve his guest exponentially.

“You had to love the royal wedding," says Colbert.

"I hated the royal wedding," says Morrissey. "They are absolutely horrible people. Arrogant horrible dictators."

Colbert: "You're not going to say Pippa didn't look lovely?"

Morrissey: "She's … horrendous"

Colbert: "What are you talking about? You couldn't have pulled off that dress."

The interview went on much the same as they tackled issues ranging from Morrissey’s extremely-staunch views on vegetarianism and his equally hard-lined belief that “animals are nicer than humans.”

You can check out the entire video of the interview down below but as Morrissey said after Colbert asked if he could eat a pig that “commits suicide from listening to too many” of his songs – “You shouldn't laugh at that.”

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