Color Code Translation Chart for Pickup Wiring

-- Color Code Chart For Pickup Wiring --

Color code chart for pickup wiring Color code chart for pickup wiring -- click for bigger image.

The single best way to dramatically change the sound of your electric guitar is by way of replacing your pickups. It’s an exciting prospect – firing up your ax for the first time after a new set freshly installed hot-wired humbuckers and just losing yourself in the new tone. The installing part? Not so exciting if you don’t know what you’re doing!

Not only do you have to know you’re way around a soldering iron and guitar pickup wiring, but you have to know where the wiring of your new pickups need to go. And it doesn’t help that several companies color code their wires differently! The wiring color code of your stock pickups may look the same as the color code on your new ones but chances are good that they aren’t the same, meaning you shouldn’t just blindly replace the wiring color for color.

So, what should you do? In almost all cases, its best to ignore your original pickups color code and simply follow the instructions on your new set – easy, all things considered. However, there might be special cases where your guitars wiring is set up in a way that is not touched on in the new set’s instructions, such as special coil splitting or unique switching. In that case, this color code chart will definitely come in handy! All you have to do is install the wires from your new pickup set and put there where the original pickup’s wires went, just make sure you follow the color code chart to make sure you’re replacing the right wire!

This color code chart will also come be very useful if you happen to lose the instructions to your new set or if they simply didn’t come with any for some reason. With that said, happy tone hunting!

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