Top Ways To Promote Your Music

With so many other talented artists and bands awash in the music industry, making your music stand out from the rest of the pack can be tough. However, if you find the right ways to promote yourself and discover how to foster connections, you will be on the high road of success in a totally professional manner. Below are some essential tips to creatively promote your music.


Make Sure Your Music Is Ready

If you promote a track or album that fails to make an impression, it will be very hard for you to bounce back. It is, therefore, prudent to wait until the moment you have the very best music you can share. To help with this, you should obtain feedback from other musicians or, if possible, those with a tie to the industry. Take time to foster relationships with producers and get feedback about your work. When at least 60% of those who you contact praise your music, then consider it worth sharing as these professionals will be more critical than your friends or family.

Alternatively, if this is beyond your depth as a fledging musician, you can resort to music feedback services. These platforms allow musicians and producers to showcase their works and access feedback. You can also enter into friendly competitions with other artists in the exact genre you work in.


Make Sure You Reach Your Ideal Target Audience

It is important to keep in mind that even the best track can create a negative impression if it lands in the wrong fanbase. For instance, if you're genre is something akin to techno music, learn to differentiate between the subgenres, such as deep house, electro or tech house. As such, take time to determine the exact genre of the works you will be creating, and whom it will appeal to the most. This will assist you in reaching out to potential fans, booking the right venues and even selling your work.


Take Advantage Of Social Media

Social media networks can assist you to effortlessly and conveniently engage fans, promote your content and create more excitement over your work. Facebook and Twitter are excellent websites you can start with. Both of them are noted for offering a wide variety of ways of promoting your music to a global audience. This includes providing critical info on your works, your background as a musician, sharing exclusive content and also offering info on upcoming releases.

Instagram is also an excellent visual-centric social media website, which can assist you to engage more potential fans. You can utilize popular hashtags to enhance your visibility by posting images that your fans would love to see. For example, band rehearsals or even periodic photos of you goofing around will add a human element to your image as a musician.


Distribute Your Music On Online Streaming Platforms

You probably already know that selling your music online is key these days, but it is also important to have your music readily available on streaming platforms, where fans can easily access them. Popular online streaming services include Spotify, SoundCloud, Deezer, RadioAirplay among others. Doing this will go a long way in depicting a professional image every time a venue manager or even a fan asks where they can get hold of some of your work.


Find A (Good) Manager

A manager is essentially an individual who will offer invaluable support and advice in every phase of your career as a musician. It will be important to settle for one who has successfully worked with other artists and even bands. He or she should also boast of extensive connections in the music industry and have a solid reputation.


Play As Many Gigs As Possible

Live performances are excellent platforms for promoting your music while also enabling you to stay connected with your fans. Always utilize shows to sell your given brand as a musician and also sing your heart out. Make sure to take time and engage with your fans before and after performing onstage. Also, fans love free stuff, so you can definitely go that extra mile and give away some branded merchandise such as T-shirts, caps, autographed singles and so on.

Promoting yourself and your music won't always reap instant rewards. It can also be disheartening at times, but never forget -- the best things in life don't come easy. With enough patience and dedication, not to mention a few helpful tips, you can get yourself on the right footing by setting yourself up for success.



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