Danny Carey Speaks About Scooter Crash, Upcoming Tool Album

Tool drummer Danny Carey.

Although they live a life of privilege unlike anything we can imagine, rock stars are just like us. Getting into scooter crashes, collapsing onstage while dressed in drag – yes, they’re just like us.

Last week, Tool revealed explained that a member of the band had suffered injuries from a scooter crash but were mum on exactly what member it was, saying only that the album had been delayed because of it.

Well, turns out it was famed drummer Danny Carey who went down back in January, breaking for of his ribs on the way.

And if his word is as good as his skills on the kit, Carey says he was a victim. Speaking with David Darrier, he said: "It's been tough lately – it's making it really painful to play.

"It was over in the San Fernando Valley. I was just turning to go on the freeway and I think I hit some antifreeze or oil or something. The wheels just slipped right out from under me and I hit the pavement really hard."

But the good news is unlike Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan, who recently said that there will be no new album this year, Carey says: “Sometime this year – that’s all I can say. The sooner the better for us. We’re really excited about it, so I hope the fans will be too.”

Tool’s last album was 10,000 Days, released in 2006.

And as far as collapsing goes, shock rocker Marilyn Manson did just that on stage in Saskatoon, Canada on Wednesday night and sources in his camp say it was due to the flu.

Manson was midway through his song "Beautiful People" when he suddenly stopped singing, turned to his side and collapsed on stage, according to TMZ.

But in true Manson fashion, the band apparently kept playing so fans in the audience were not sure if it was part of the show (until stagehands appeared on stage to help Manson, that is).

But it looks like he should be just fine as he did not seek treatment at a hospital but instead returned to his hotel room to rest, according to the report.

Manson had been feeling ill all day but did not want to call off the concert, sources close to the singer told the famous gossip site. Prior to his fall, they report that he had vomited on stage several times (although that would be on par with a normal Manson show).

The sources told the site on Thursday that Manson still feels "drained" but was focusing on recovering and is determined to perform tonight in Calgary.

You can check out TMZ's coverage of the collapse below:

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