Dave Grohl Reveals Foo Fighters To Work On Next Album

Dave Grohl at the Brit Awards back in 2012 after Foo
Fighters win award for Best International Group. 

If I’m not mistaken, wasn’t it just a few months ago that head Foo Fighter Dave Grohl announced a sort of indefinite hiatus of the band, saying something like, “this is it, man,” and “honestly, I don't know when we're gonna do it again ... and this is the perfect place to do it."

Well, it looks as though all that talk of that hiatus – a word which Grohl never actually used himself – was greatly exaggerated to say the least as the man himself has just dropped the news that the he is heading back to the States to start work on the band’s next album this week.

Grohl has been an extremely busy man since Foo’s slight break and was recently in the UK promoting his new music documentary Sound City along with a gig featuring the supergroup he put together for the film’s soundtrack.

The Sound City Players, as they are known as, played at the Kentish Town Forum, in London, on Tuesday (Febraury 19) and Grohl was in attendance at Wednesday night's BRIT Awards.

It was at this award show where Dave dropped the news while speaking with host James Corden, saying "I return to Los Angeles tomorrow to start work on a Foo Fighters record."

He also added that the album had been planned out for some time: "We have a plan, we know exactly what's coming next and I have the music for the next record and we're going to start working on it once we finish doing all this stuff. We have really awesome, big plans for the next album and I'm really excited about it."

This is undoubtedly great news for all those Foo fans who were expecting a very long wait for the band’s next record given how many side projects Grohl has been involved with recently – not to mention that little comment he made at the Leeds Festival as highlighted above.

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