Diagnosing The Cause Of A Noisy Pickup


Everyone who loves playing guitar knows the importance of producing the right sound. If a guitar starts producing unwanted noises it becomes hard to enjoy playing. This is the main reason why it is paramount to ensure that guitar is in good condition and it is producing crystal clear sound. Some of the things that usually affect guitars include having a noisy pickup. This is a common problem which affects many guitars no matter how well they are maintained. To deal with these issues effectively it is paramount to know the causes and solutions to noisy pickups in guitars.


One of the main causes of this noise is the external magnetically generated field. This means that the noise does not necessarily come directly from the pickups. Instead, the pickups act as antennas where they receive the signals that are generated by the electrical fields. The effect can also be magnified by the size of the coil where the size of the coil determines how much noise is generated. An ideal way of dealing with this particular case is ensuring that the guitar has a coil of the right size. If a guitar has a coil that is too big or too small it will produce noise which will be heard to be coming from the pickup.

Poor grounding can also easily make pickups produce unwanted noise. This is mainly because the grounding is the one that usually transfers the noise to the pickups. The modern guitars are designed in a way that the pickups have noise canceling capabilities so that they can produce clear sounds. But with poor grounding, this noise cancellation ability is lowered therefore allowing the pickups to produce unwanted noise. The ideal solution to this particular cause is ensuring the grounding is done properly and everything is in its place. It is advisable to insulate the wires with electrical tape so that they do not come into contact with the grounding. This will significantly reduce the unwanted noise which can be produced by the pickups.

After having new pickups one might feel as if they are producing unwanted noise. This is especially for people who have been using a particular guitar for a long time. The fact that the set of pickups is new makes it different from the old one. As a result, one will hear a different sound and some people might mistake this for noise. The best way of dealing with this particular cause is trying to get used to the new pickup. One can also play the guitar with the new pickup and then play an older guitar for sometimes. By interchanging the two guitars one will eventually notice that there is no difference and the guitar with the new pickup is not producing any strange noise.

When the potentiometers chassis overheat they can get ruined and this can result in pickups producing noise. This is mainly because these chassis are directly connected with pickups and if they are damaged the pickups will produce noise. The chassis usually overheat because of being soldered in the wrong manner. The soldering process should use moderate heat to make sure that there is nothing that can get damaged. The best solution to this cause is to ensure that the soldering of these chassis is done in a professional manner so that they do not overheat. Therefore, through following the outlined guidelines one can be able to track down the causes of a noisy pickup and also know the solutions to these causes.


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