Brand Spotlight: Eminence Guitar Speakers

When former Magnavox and CTS loudspeaker engineer Bob Gault founded Eminence in 1966, his modest goal for the new company was simply to be able to manufacture the three speakers per day commissioned by Ampeg. Forty-nine years later, Eminence has become the largest speaker manufacturer in the world, producing over 2,000 speakers a day and used by professional and amateur musicians across the world. The key to their success was Gault’s loudspeaker ingenuity and knowledge, allowing Eminence to offer speakers known for their great tone and excellent value. Today, we're taking a look at five of their popular offerings.


Cannabis Rex 

cannabisrex16-01_1Aside from hemp cone, the Eminence Cannabis Rex guitar speaker is known for its clean and full sound, offering plenty of body and sparkle. The hemp fibers give the Cannabis Rex a smokey and smooth tone that takes the edge off the highs without losing their definition. In fact, many players claim that the Cannabis Rex couldn't make a harsh note even if you tried! Aside from being able to handle both clean and overdriven tones with a nice, laid-back feel, the low-end in particular features a smooth depth without being too forceful or bass-heavy. Ideal for country, jazz and blues guitarists. For a deeper look at this model, check out our Eminence Cannabis Rex Speaker Review.


Man O War

manowar12_1The Eminence Man O War was created to deliver the time-tested and revered British sound with an added punch -- a chunky and solid tone that remains loud and articulate in every register. The Man O War also features nice, biting highs with plenty of top-end sparkle. While the speaker might sound a bit harsh out of the box, a few hours of breaking it in will smooth it out and give way to a warmer, creamier tone. Great for classic rock, grunge and heavy metal.


The Governor

governor12_1Another British-flavored speaker, the Governor focuses on a more traditional '60s and '70s rock sound but adds a thick, raunchy tone with a bit more emphasis on the mid-range. Think Celestion V30s but slightly smoother and a tighter yet more pronounced low-end. The Governor also features a clean and punchy feel, clear mids and a well balanced high-end that sounds great with both a Les Paul or a Telecaster. If you're looking for a speaker able to deliver the quintessential '60s and '70s British rock tone but with a bit more attitude, The Governor has you covered.


Texas Heat

texasheat08-1_1The Texas Heat speaker helps you add some Texas grit to your tone, perfect for swamp rock, classic rock, and blues. With a nice, thick sound that features a slight top-end bite and smooth overall clarity, the Texas Heat speaker has become a popular choice among rock guitarists as replacement speakers for Marshall and Fender cabinets in particular. The Texas Heat also features buttery smooth sustain and a hint of British midrange flavor that sounds great with both clean and overdriven tones.


Swamp Thang

swampthang0812_1The Swamp Thing delivers clean articulate tone with plenty of bottom end that doesn't sacrifice the clarity of your mids and highs. With tight, rich lows that don't get muddy, smooth mids and crisp highs, the Swamp Thang is an Ideal speaker for a one, 2, or 4x12" closed-back setup. Awesome bottom end, great sustain and a powerful, thick sound make the Swamp Thang perfect for blues, rock, and jazz.