Eric Clapton Tone Tips

Eric Clapton is a guitar legend in every sense of the word. His style and technique is among the world's best, continuously inspiring guitarists everywhere to play from the heart without reservation. But beyond his technical talent on the guitar, his signature tones are also some of the best know in music. Let our friends at Fender show show you the way to Clapton's signature sounds with a few helpful tips.

In this video, Fender University offers three options to achieve guitar tones in the style of Eric Clapton. These suggestions, at various price points, will give you a starting point and get you close to the famous guitar tones you’re looking for.The video features a Mustang amp preset that you can download at – just search for Tone Tips. Have fun!


Before you can pull off tones like the Slow Hands himself, you're going to need a killer ax! Check out our entire selection of Electric Guitars right here including the Fender Eric Clapton Stratocaster, modeled after the master himself

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