Eric Clapton To Stop Touring

Are we soon to hear the last of Eric Clapton? Well, let’s just say if you’ve never seen old Slow Hands live, you better make sure you catch him when he goes on tour in the US this spring because according to the latest issue of Rolling Stone, his days on the road might soon be over.

“So the idea is I’m taking a leaf out of JJ [Cale]’s book: When I’m 70, I’ll stop,” Clapton tells the magazine. “I won’t stop playing or doing one-offs, but I’ll stop touring, I think.”

The news might seem very surprising to some considering that Clapton has recently shown no signs of musical fatigue, even preparing to release his latest record, old Sock, later this month. But as the interview went on, it became clear that the decision had nothing really to do with music.

“But for me, the struggle is travel,” adds Clapton. “And the only way you can beat that is by throwing so much money at it that you make a loss. If I could [play] around my neighborhood, that would be great. You have guys in Texas that play their circuit, and it keeps them alive.”

You can’t blame the man for decision, but maybe it wasn’t so much the traveling as it was the headaches that come with it, as Clapton jokingly added that ”I never get it right” with immigration officials: “I forget to take off my belt, or I have change in my pocket. Next thing I know, 'Can you come over here please?' I just don't want to do that anymore.”

Well, we can all still look forward to Old Sock which will be released on March 12 and his upcoming spring tour. 

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