Great Two-Piece Rock Bands

Since last few years, two-piece rock bands based on a guitarist and a drummer are gaining popularity. The involvement of the creative approach of two like-minded people to really attract the music composers and performing artists who are really talented can be considered as the main cause of the increasing popularity of two-piece rock bands. Brief information about some of the great two-piece rock bands is provided here under for your consideration.



two-piece band SuicideThis two-piece band was formed by Martin Rev and Alan Vega, a duo of vocalist and synthesizer, in 1970 and hugely influenced millions of audiences by the end of their inning. The influence of this rock duo has helped in shaping a number of pop and other types of rock bands including post-punk, industrial and electronic based performers. Some of the bands which were influenced by Suicide include Nine Inch Nails, Nick Cave, She Wants Revenge, Radiohead and Joy Division/New Order etc. Moreover the term Punk music’ was used on promo flyers for the first time in 1970 by Suicide to advertise a concert. Thus definitely this duo is one the most influential rock star teams of their time.


The White Stripes

the white stripes two-piece bandThis two-piece rock band was supposed to be debuted in 1999 by a duo of sister and brother, Jack and Meg White, who were actually ex-husband and wife. They later on retired as an undoubted team of rock and roll champions. In 2002 they started their career as the part of the revival of garage rock and mainstream music artists. The White Stripes were considered as the breath of really fresh air due to their generic and satisfying rock music. Jack White continued to be a force of creative musical since long but could not ever involve in a musical project that has a long-lasting impact like that of The White Stripes.


The Black Keys

The black keys two piece bandThis rock band was established in 2002 by the duo of Patrick Carney, the drummer, and Dan Auerbach, the vocalist and guitarist as one if the popular rock bands of present times. Turn Blue released in 2014 was their latest studio album out of 8 they have released since their inception. Though Black keys, like The white Stripes, has its roots in the blues but still it is more traditional than the later as in its earlier albums deviated its music from that of Blues. The music of this two-piece rock band still has the sound of traditional authentic rock music as an evidence of active rock and roll, even if it had deviated from the sound of blues. Though they were established as good rock and roll team but in 2010 they hired musicians for their live performances who can accompany them.


The Kills

the kills two piece bandIn 2010, The Kills started touring along with The Black Keys after the retirement of The White Stripes. It was established by the duo of Alison "VV" Mosshart and Jamie "Hotel" Hince who survived as the champion team of rock and roll until now. Since 2002, this two-piece rock band released 4 EPs and 4 full-length studio albums of which Blood Pressures was the latest released in 2011. Their powerful sound helped them in establishing a successful rock band. Being the lead singer of The Dead Weather, Allison Mosshart gained more popularity among his admirers.


Flat Duo Jets

Flat duo jets two piece bandThis two-piece rock band was founded by Chris "Crow" Smith, the drummer, and Dexter Romwebe, the vocalist and guitarist, in 1983 and remained active up to 1999. Both of them remain duo most of the time but during 1988-1990 Griz "Tone" Mayer joined them on bass. They were highly influential as their influence was seen on Jack White who reissued Go Go Harlem, their1991 album, for his Third Man Records on vinyl. This band is considered as one of the founder bands of rock and roll division.



japandroids two piece bandDavid Prowse, the drummer and vocalist and Brian King, the guitarist and vocalist, founded this Canadian two-piece rock band. They released their critically applauded album, Post-Nothing, in 2009 followed by Celebration Rock, another well-received album.


While there are many more two-piece bands out there, the ones mentioned above, we feel, are a cut above the rest.



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