Famous Fender Mustang Players In Music History

Over the years, many famous guitar players have picked up the Fender Mustang electric guitar. It has stayed a favourite since its creation. Of the guitarists who have picked it up, a good number still play the Mustang. In this article, I will discuss seven musicians who have been known to play this Fender.




Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain is at the top of this list. He was known for playing his Fender Mustang during many performances with Nirvana. He had a modified Mustang that had no pick guard, and either a humbucker or a P90 in the bridge position. As Cobain was left handed, his guitars were too. Several of the modifications would have been done to accommodate that left-handedness. He used over 20 different amps and foot pedals, more than any other musician on this list.
Cobain always used the same kind of guitar pick – a Dunlop Tortex Standard 0.6mm in orange. He was also using Dimarzio Super Distortion pickups.


Norah Jones

Norah Jones is next on the list. She is a solo artist and plays a wide variety of instruments, including the Fender Mustang in cherry red with a white pick guard. It doesn’t appear that there are any modifications to Jones’s guitar. For her effects pedals, Jones uses the Vox Pathfinder 15R and the Boss TU – Chromatic Tuner.


Adrian Belew

Adrian Belew also played the Fender Mustang. He used a variety of amps, such as the RMC Poly-Drive 1 Preamp and the Roland GR-30 Effects pedal. Over the years, Belew would gather a huge selection of amps and foot pedals.


PJ Harvey

PJ Harvey comes in next with her Fender Mustang as well. She uses the AMS Orange AD30 with an Orange 4x12/Vox AC30/. Her pedal board is Boss DD3 > Boss DS1 > MXR Distortion + > Boss DS1 > Line 6 DL4.


Bilinda Butcher

Bilinda Butcher is a proud owner of three different Fenders: a Jaguar, a Jazzmaster, and a Mustang. She uses a variety of amps, among them the Marshall JCM 900 1400 100 – watt hi gain Dual Reverb. Also in her gear, she has several foot pedals. These include the Boss HM – 2 Heavy Metal distortion effects, and the Boss GE – 7 Equalizer Pedal.


Matthew Healy

And then there is Matthew Healy. His guitar collection contains 2 Mustangs: one modern Mustang and one 1965 Fender Mustang. Healy also uses multiple amps, among them the Roland Jazz Chorus, and the Blackstar Artisan Series 30 Boutique.


Thurston Moore

Finally, we have Thurston Moore. He has been a fan of Fenders most of his life, and in 2009, there was a signature Fender named for him. He uses an unusual combination of amps and pedals to produce the sound he most known for.





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