Fans Protest Jack White After Guitarist Cuts Gig Early

White in 2009; Wikimedia Commons

How was the weekend, music fans? It seems like it was a pretty interesting one in the world to say the least.

Starting off with yet another famous rock frontman meltdown, Jack White reportedly walked out on fans during a scheduled performance at New York’s Radio City Music Hall.  According to online music site Antiquiet, White cut the performance short after only about a 45 minute set – causing several fans in attendance to protest the walk out soon after.

Apparently, White didn’t take kindly to the series of heckles being thrown at him throughout his performance including one shirtless provoker who had to be removed by security.

Reports also claim that White was not particularly happy with the sound quality at the venue which most likely only added to the singer-songwriter’s frustration – now whether or not that was the right thing to do is a completely different conversation.

According to a person in attendance who kept in contact Antiquiet during White’s disappearing act through text message, there was no word on whether or not the show was set to continue.

“Dude it’s been 40 minutes,” messaged the contact. “Lights are on. Doors open. Other radio music playing. Security guards on stage. People leaving. If this is a test of who can last the wait he’s losing cuz everybody’s leaving… I’m staying but a LOT of people are leaving.”

Fans that decided to leave the venue were not nearly as calm as many gathered outside to protest the Blunderbuss mastermind, reportedly screaming out in unison profane sentiments geared towards White. Those at the scene claim that the mob was at least 100 strong.

It probably didn’t help that White began the set by taking a look at the crowd and asking “Jesus Christ, is this an NPR convention?”

Well, hopefully next time there will be no shirtless rabble rousers, a bad sound system and too many liberal progressives as White is set to once again appear at Radio City Music Hall this very night.


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