Four Fantastic Combo Amps Under $100

If you’re looking for a good little combo amp for home jam sessions or just to lug around to a buddy's house, there have never been more options. Now more than ever, manufacturers are producing great pieces of gear made with value and portability in mind. And while they might lack some of settings and features of professional models, their value makes them a great jam amp. Below, we take a look a four great combo amplifiers priced under $100.



Line 6 Spider IV 15 - $99.00

Line 6 Spider IV Beginner Combo AmpIf getting the most amount of features for your money is a priority, you can’t go wrong with the Line 6 Spider IV 15. If you’re not familiar with Line 6, they are the top dogs when it comes to amp modeling (digitally emulating famous amp sounds) and the Spider IV 15 certainly sticks with the company’s mantra. Featuring four distinct channels – each with a different amp voicing – six built-in effects and a 3-band EQ, there are a ton of potential sounds inside this amp to play around with. The Spider IV 15 also comes with access to Spider Online – Line 6’s library of lessons, sounds and more – making it a great beginner amplifier for new players trying to discover as many tones as they can.

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Fender Champion 20 - $99.00

Fender Champion 20 beginner combo ampDespite its small size and price tag, the Champion 20 comes with plenty of features Fender amps are known for, including Fender’s signature clean and overdrive tones, along with a variety of British and modern amp voicing and distortion sounds. It also features a good number of effects to experiment with, including delay/echo, reverb, chorus, tremolo and more. Better yet, settings like delay time and tremolo speed can be set with the TAP button in order to match a song’s tempo. And with extras like Auxiliary input for jamming with your favorite songs and a headphone output for silent practice, it's tailor made to learn on. If you’re looking for a simple to use yet versatile combo amplifier with features that make learning to play that much easier – not to mention the well-known and prized Fender tone – you can’t go wrong with the Champion 20.

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Marshall MG15CF 15 - $99.00

Marshall MG15CF beginner Combo AmpUnlike the other amps on this list, the Marshall MG15CF is a no-frills combo amp that comes with no onboard effects. But what this mini combo might lack in features it more than makes up in signature Marshall tone. If you're not familiar with the sound of Marshall amplifiers, their tone is among the most revered in rock, well-known for their powerful sound and the MG15CF is no different. In fact, you'll be surprised just how aggressive and loud this Marshall can get for such a small combo! As far as specs go, the MG15CF features two channels (Clean and Overdrive), contour controls, auxiliary in and a headphone jack. If you're a fan of overdrive and gritty rock tones, the MG15CF is the perfect combo to start with, and one you won't want to let go of even as you upgrade to bigger amplifiers in the future. Check out the video below to hear it in action:


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Fender Frontman 10G - $59.99

Fender Frontman 10G beginner ampComing in at $59.99, the Frontman 10G packs amazing value and quality Fender tone at an insanely low price, complete with the unmistakable Blackface look. If you're a fan of metal, blues or rock, the Frontman 10G won't disappoint. Featuring a custom-voiced built-in overdrive and a selectable gain control, the Frontman 10G can pump out those famous Fender clean tones, tube-emulated overdrive or even full-on ultra-saturated distortion. The closed-back design also gives the Frontman 10G a more prominent bass response, so you'll get plenty of full-bodied tone from this little combo. And like the three other amps above, the Frontman 10G comes with both auxiliary in and a headphone jack. For less than $60, you won't find a better deal.

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If you're looking a great little combo amplifier, you can't go wrong with any of the choices above. Whether you're looking for something with built-in effects, great clean tones or classic high gain sounds - for less than $100 - the four combo amps above make the perfect first partner on your road to rock stardom!



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