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If you’re serious about performing on stage with an acoustic guitar, sooner or later, simply using microphones in front of your instrument and a good PA just won’t be enough. This is where acoustic amplifications comes in, and few companies are as highly regarded in the world of acoustic pickups as Fishman Transducers. Although the company’s offerings expand beyond the amplification of acoustic instruments, consisting of other high quality gear such as electric guitar pickups or the very popular FT-2 Clip-on Tuner, just to name a few, it’s their acoustic offerings that have been their signature pieces of equipment – and for good reason. 

With exciting new products, consistent innovation and over 30 years worth of experience, Fishman continues to lead the way in acoustic amplification. Below are just a few of the company's popular acoustic pickups.


 Rare Earth Humbucker (PROREP102)

You don't have to perform major surgery on your acoustic in order to amplify it. With the Fishman PROREP102 Rare Earth Humbucker, setup is as simple as popping the pickup into the soundhole, allowing you to quickly and easily plug into an amplifier, PA system or direct box with no major modifications to the instrument. The pre-wired output jack can also be easily endpin mounted for a seamless and clean setup. The PROREP102 also benefits from excellent battery life thanks to its low-current design, boasting up to 300 hours of active use.

But beyond its easy plug-and-play installation, the Rare Earth Humbucker also sounds great thanks to its neodymium magnets and humbucking setup, providing excellent string-to-string balance along with a hum-free operation. It's active electronics also ensure a pure, clean sound so that your acoustic guitar's natural tone comes through strong and uncolored.


Rare Earth Single-Coil (PROREP101)

pro-rep-102 aa Fishman's soundhole pickup design allows for easy, plug and play installation, featured on the Rare Earth and Neo D lines.

The Fishman PROREP101 includes all of the same great features as the PROREP102 (easy installation, excellent battery life, neodymium magnets, excellent string-to-string clarity, etc.) but in a single-coil setup for players that prefer the more articulate and precise sound of single-coil pickups. The carefully voiced and fine-tuned single-coil pickup in the PROREP101 offers a warm, more naturally acoustic tone along with a noticeably smooth treble response. And just like the 102, the PROREP101 features active electronics for a strong signal and a pure, unadulterated tone. If you prefer the brilliant and articulate sound of single-coil pickups above the slightly thicker tone of a humbucker, the PROREP101 is the perfect fit.


Rare Earth Blend (PROREP103)

Excellent ease-of-use, seamless installation, exceptional accuracy and sparkling acoustic clarity, the Rare Earth Blend continues the hallmark of great features found in the Rare Earth line of Fishman acoustic pickups but with an important caveat: a dual mic/pickup setup. The cardioid microphone and the state of the art neodymium magnet pickups combine to deliver exceptional string balance and sparkling acoustic clarity while the active electronics and low-noise circuitry ensure a smooth and clean sound throughout its frequency range for optimal power and projection. Also featured is a newly designed mounting system, ergonomic body shape, a flexible cardioid microphone and mic/pickup blend knob for unparalleled control and accessibility that allows you to dial in just the right tone. Excellent precision and control in one great package.


Neo D Passive Pickup

Not every player is looking for an active pickup setup. If you're the type of guitarist that prefers a simple, set-and-forget type of design, one that won't die on you if you forget to change the battery, the Fishman Neo D passive pickups are a great choice. A value-priced cousin of the active Rare Earth line, the Neo D features the same neodymium magnet structure, excellent string-to-string balance and pure acoustic clarity - all without the need for a battery. It also features the same easy-installation process without the need for any alteration to your guitar. Fans of either single-coil or humbuckers will also be glad to know the Neo D comes in both configurations.

(Click Here for Single-Coil Option)             (Click Here For Humbucker Option)


Matrix Infinity (PROMANINF)

promaninf The Fishman Matrix Infinity features the world's best selling undersaddle pickup, the Acoustic Matrix.

When amplifying your acoustic just isn't enough, the added power, control and versatility of an onboard preamp is the way to go. With the Matrix Infinity, you get the world's best selling undersaddle pickup, the Acoustic Matrix, along with the power and sonic clarity of Fishman's onboard preamp system, all in one seamless package. And just like the rest of the pickups on this list, the Matrix Infinity pickup system can be easily installed without any visible modifications. Engineered to be clean and clear, the onboard preamp features premium electronics with Volume, Tone and Phase controls. The unique Tone control ranges from natural undersaddle sound to the revered scooped-mid sound, just by moving a single slider. And just in case you're not sure if the Matrix Infinity will play nice with your acoustic, the switchable voicing feature can be used to accommodate all guitar body sizes.



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  • Stephen

    For my money, the Fishmen Elipse Blend is the BOMB! Nothing else even comes close, in my view. Accept no substitutes!


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