Five Amazing Young Musicians

Being a successful musician is not easy, but as the following young players prove, age isn't a requirement to rock. Below, we take a look at five amazing young musicians who have found success in the music business before even being old enough to legally drink!



Graham And Sydney Sierota of Echosmith

young musiciansPart of the multi-talented family band from California, this budding artist is one of the best in the band, holding down the drum kit like a man twice his age. Meanwhile, his older sister Sydney takes the helm as the band's lead singer and keyboardist, more than holding her own. As a group, the band has released numerous songs over their career. Furthermore, they have also been on stage with some of the biggest artists around, including touring with Twenty One Pilots and opening for Taylor Swift.



Luke Hemmings of 5 Seconds of Summer

young musicians5 Seconds of Summer is an Australian punk band well-known for the young age of their members along with their various number one hits. And although the entire lineup consists of very talented young musicians, we feel that guitarist Luke Hemmings deserves special attention as the lead singer and rhythm guitarist. If you have never seen the band play live on video, make sure you check them out.



Archy Marshall

kingkrulemusiciansThis young English musician regularly receives a lot of praise and for a good reason - the kid definitely has a ton of talent! He goes by the stage name of King Krule and has already made a name for himself as a guitarist, producer, and singer. He recently released the full-length album, “6 Feet Beneath The Moon”.



Ray Chen

raychenmusicianThis Taiwanese-Australian violinist is hailed as one of the best that this generation has. By the time he was 13, he had won a major competition which enabled him to study at the Curtis Institute of Music when he was just 15. He has also become one the youngest soloist ever to perform at the Nobel Prize Concert. He has achieved a lot and can only hope he continues on that path.





Well, there you have it, five young and talented musicians from across the musical spectrum. Whether it's touring with professionals, winning awards or simply shredding, these young players can definitely rock.



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