Five Fantastic Female Bass Players

The following bass players aren't great because they are women, they are great bass players who just happen to be women. While they might not get the same attention as their male counterparts, the following ladies on this list prove that you don't have to be one of the boys to rock just as hard.



Este Haim

female bass playersShe plays as bassist for a relatively new band owned by a sisters’ trio, Haim. This band was discovered in 2013 musical events. The right balance of mixture between contemporary and retro music made this sisters’ band popular in such a short time. Este has become successful to be the part of this list not only for her bassist performances for Haim but also for her musical talents and the hilarious face expressions given by her while on bass.



Paz Lenchantin

pazlenchaitsthesunCurrently she is playing bass for The Pixies but earlier she was playing bass for A Perfect Circle where she also backed her performances with vocals. She also played bass for the Zwan, a side project of Billy Corgan as well as for The Entrance Band in the outfit of stoner rock. Apart from being a bassist she is also a complete violinist as she has provided the arrangement of string for a number of artists playing music like Melissa Auf der Maur, Queens of The Stone Age and Jenny Lewis etc.



Esperanza Spalding

esperanza_spalding5_original_20274She won the Grammy award for the best new artists at the 2011 award ceremony due to her distinctive performance as jazz musician only. This award was considered as a shocker for a number of other nominated musicians including Drake, Justin Bieber, Florence, The Machine and Mumford and Sons because her profile was much lower than theirs. After this award she was reviewed by her admirers as a mainstream musician with lack of exposure. Today she is popular as a really cool vibe as she makes musical chops like the Afro she rocked on.



Meshell Ndegeocello

huge_avatarIn 1993 she made her debut with Plantation Lullabies, her solo album, after playing bass for several years for a number of independent bands. She is known for the blend of her assorted music including r&b, soul, rock hip hop and jazz etc. by participating in the development of the movement of neo soul she has become an influential personality. The cover of Van Morrison's "Wild Night" was her biggest hit in 1994 in which not only played bass but also sang this duet with John Mellencamp. On the billboard Hot 100 chart this cong was on number three position.


Carol Kaye

carol-kaye-1She is popular not only for her distinctive performances as a female bassist but also for her most creative sessions in the history of the recorded music of all the bassists, male and female both. As per an estimate she had played as bassist for more than 10,000 sessions of recording during her career of over 5 decades. During her recording sessions she performed with a number of artistes including Neil Young, The beach Boys, Count Basie, Simon and Garfunkel, Ray Charles and Frank Zappa along various others.




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