Five Great Rock And Roll Documentaries


Are you aware that rock music originated from the USA as rock & roll? This was in the 1940s as well as 1950s. It was majorly inspired by country music, blues, and R&B. Rock music was also inspired by electric blues, classical, folk and jazz music. There is absolutely no doubt that our appetite for rock documentaries is insatiable. Our forefathers fell in love with them, and most of us seem to be following in their footsteps. Below are our picks for the five best rock documentaries.



Style Wars

Style Wars is one of the greatest rock documentaries ever produced. It was directed and produced by Tony Silver and Henry Chalfant respectively. Significant focus was put on graffiti, even though rapping and b-boying are also covered. On 18th January 1984, the documentary was aired for the first time on PBS TV. Subsequently, it was also shown in renowned festivals such as Vancouver Film Festival and Sundance Film Festival. Style Wars is an exceptional work of art because it not only records what the artists were engaging in but also absorbs their spirits. Additionally, it effectively communicates the two aforementioned actions over the years. As a result, we, in the present age, can understand the beauty of the documentary so many years after it was first produced.


Let Us Get Lost

This is an exceptional American rock documentary that chronicles the career and personal life of Chet Baker, a renowned jazz trumpeter. Bruce Weber was responsible for writing and directing it. The title was inspired by Let Us Get Lost, a popular song by Frank Loesser and Jimmy MacHugh. In 1988, it was nominated for the Academy Award. Its reception was impressive. As a matter of fact, it’s currently rated at 93% on the Rotten Tomatoes. According to a review that appeared in Los Angeles Times, Let Us Get Lost has a unique driving force that delves into the purpose and nature of personal magnetism and star quality.


Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey

This is an interesting rock documentary about Leon Theremin’s personal life and invention. Theremin invented one of the first electronic musical instruments. The documentary chronicles his life, including the years when the Soviets imprisoned him in a Gulag. It also focuses on his ingenious instrument, which played a significant role in the definition of eerie sound that most 20th century movies consist of. In 1994, the rock documentary won the Documentary Filmmaker’s trophy. Additionally, it was nominated for a BAFTA award as well as an International Emmy.


Don’t Look Back

This is an exceptional documentary about a memorable concert tour that Bob Dylan undertook in England. It was directed by D. Pennebaker and produced by Albert Grossman as well as John Court. Some of the notable scenes in the documentary include;

1. Dylan’s perpetual taunting of Horace Judson, a correspondent of Time Magazine.

2. His philosophical argument with a student just before a concert.

3. Carefully-selected songs from his performance at Royal Albert Hall.

In 1988, USA’s National Film Registry selected Don’t Look Back for preservation because it was culturally, aesthetically, and historically important.


Some Kind Of Monster

This is a brilliant rock documentary that focuses on Metallica, an American heavy-metal band. The title was inspired by a song in St. Anger, the band’s 2003 album. The documentary is made up of several studio fragments and rehearsals of concert footage. Metallica is compelled to reevaluate their existence and nature because of two unfortunate occurrences; resignation of Jason Newsted and confinement of James Hetfield in an alcohol rehabilitation facility. Its reception by critics was very impressive. On Rotten Tomatoes, for instance, it has a Certified Fresh Rating of 89%. It offers an extraordinary behind the curtains examination of how the rock band overcomes some of the most, seemingly insurmountable challenges.


In Conclusion ...

Well, there you have it, our picks for the top five rock and roll documentaries. There are certainly a lot more outstanding docs out there, but the five above just edged out the rest of them to make it on the list of our favorites.



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