Five Songs Perfect For Thanksgiving

You know you can't celebrate the holidays without some appropriately festive music. And while it might not have the same amount of well-known hits as Christmas or Halloween, Thanksgiving has its fair share of tunes. Below, we scrounge up some of our favorite songs (complete with videos) that will help you get into the spirit of the holiday before Thursday's big meal. Enjoy and happy Thanksgiving!




Turkey Murder - Jeremy Shane

Uploaded by YouTuber Jeremy Shane in 2009, this hilarious video takes a comical look at the grim reality behind our favorite meal. Featuring all the classic staples of the season including pilgrims, Native Americans and of course, turkeys, this video has become a Thanksgiving favorite around the internet, making its usual rounds during this time of the year. If you've somehow missed Turkey Murder, make sure and give it a view!


Thanksgiving Song - Adam Sandler

While this Adam Sandler song might not rank as high among fans as his followup, The Chanukah Song, its still a thanksgiving favorite, featuring all of the classic comedy that made the young comedian an eventual star. First performed during the Weekend Update segment of the season 18 episode of Saturday Night Live on November 21, 1992, the Thanksgiving song remains in heavy radio airplay during the season.


A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Theme - Vince Guaraldi Trio

Some holidays just wouldn't feel complete without a Charlie Brown special. While this memorable tune might not be as ubiquitous as Guaraldi's "Linus And Lucy" (better known as the defacto Peanuts theme song), it remains a classic, featuring everything that made the composer's jazz-tinged arrangements a perfect pairing to the animated adaptation of Charles Schultz's beloved comic series.


Thanksgiving Prayer - Johnny Cash

Also known as "I'm Thanking The Lord He Made You," this track was featured during the 1994 Thanksgiving episode of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman when the Man in Black himself came back to reprise his recurring role as "Kid Cole." While you can always dig up that old Dr. Quinn box set, the song can also be found on Cash's Unsurpassed American Masters.


Food Glorious Food - Oliver!

While this famous song from the 1960s musical (and film) Oliver! isn't explicitly about Thanksgiving, it's theme is more than appropriate for the holiday. Sung when the workhouse boys are dreaming and fantasizing about food while going to collect their gruel, the song went on to become something of a staple in popular culture, parodied throughout the years by ads, movies, TV shows and even video games. Next time you're complaining about that dry turkey, just remember -- these orphans had it worse!




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