Flaming Lips Want Your Name On 6 Hour Song

The Flaming Lips are already “out there,” and news of a six-hour song might convince you they have lost their minds. But wait. This project is both goofy and charitable.

The Flaming Lips plan to record a six-hour epic to benefit the Central Oklahoma Humane Society and the Academy of Contemporary Music at the University of Central Oklahoma.

Flaming Lips fans can pay $100 to get their name in an indeterminate place in the lyrics to the song, which is titled “Found a Star on the Ground.” With six hours on a single track, The Flaming Lips could raise some serious money. Or could they? If Wayne Coyne can sing one name every two seconds, with no other lyrics, the song will only have room for 10,800. Still, that’s $108,000.

In August, $800,000 worth of The Flaming Lips own equipment was destroyed when a lighting rig for a gig in Tulsa collapsed. So for The Flaming Lips to initiate this “ridiculous” (Coyne’s word) project for charity, we salute them.

Coyne recently Tweeted: “Takes a long time to make a 6 hour song.” No kidding.

To register, visit Flaminglipssixhoursong.com.

Watch Wayne Coyne explain the plan.

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