Former Foreigner Bandmates Lou Gramm and Mick Jones To Reunite

From Left: Guitarist Mick Jones and singer Lou Gramm. 

Well, it sounds like one of rock’s most enduring modern feuds might finally be over as it has been reported the Foreigner mastermind Mick Jones and ex-singer Lou Gramm have put aside their differences and will share a stage in June for the first time in a decade.

The reason for the sudden change of heart is due to their induction into the Songwriters Hall Of Fame. Gramm himself said it was easy to finally pick up the phone and contact his former bandmate since it’s in recognition of several of their major hits including Feels Like The First Time, Cold As Ice, Hot Blooded and Juke Box Hero.

The vocalist tells Artisan News: “I’ve talked with Mick for the first time in over ten years. He seems to be doing well; his health has improved quite a bit.

“It wasn’t so difficult, considering we were both being honored as a songwriting team. I called him and congratulated him, then he congratulated me.

“We both knew they were expecting us to perform a couple of songs and we got right down to talking about it. It’s going to be a lot of fun.”

For those of you unfamiliar with the saga, Gramm left Foreigner in 2003 after citing Jones’ inability to stay away from alcohol as the main reason. He would later go on to say that he had always felt like a sideman during much of his time in the band, and in 2009 the singer told Smashing Interviews that Jones had deliberately elbowed him out of writing credits for the band’s hit song I Want To Know What Love Is. On a separate occasion he also suggested that Jones had deliberately sabotaged the 1991 album release of his side-project Shadow King by applying unnecessary pressure to their mutual record label.

More recently in 2011, Gramm said that the lineup of Foreigner featuring Kelly Hansen as his replacement was “false advertising,” adding: “He’s put a new band together, and is calling it Foreigner. And that’s all well and good, but unless I’m singing, it’s not.”

Conversely, Jones himself felt he had good reason for continuing under the name, saying: “Through the 90s Lou and I were really not seeing eye-to-eye. I always felt Lou was far more interested in doing a solo career. So I’d been fighting a long time. I just wanted to resuscitate the band and see if I could really present the band I felt Foreigner deserved to be.”

Both have also been battling health problems recently. Jones suffered a heart attack last year and Gramm – who formed the Lou Gramm Band in 2004 – underwent a brain tumor operation in 1997 and remains on medication for diabetes.

Aerosmith writing team Steven Tyler and Joe Perry will also be inducted into the Songwriters Hall Of Fame at the ceremony in New York on June 13. 

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  • Michael ronan

    I'm happy for both artist , I'm fans of both., I'm hopeful that they will join together again as a team of talented artist too create more of their great music which I grew up listening too. It's been too long a time with out this talented team working together creating some of our generations most greatest musical songs. Think what we've been missing. Go guys you can do it..

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