Former Van Halen Bassist Doesn't Buy Reasoning Behind Former Band's Cancelled Tour Dates

Former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony

Former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony speaks out about his doubt on his former band’s reasoning behind cancelling 31 tour dates.

Three days after Van Halen inexplicably removed a batch of tour dates from their site, singer David Lee Roth responded with a public video which claimed that the band was suffering from exhaustion which led to the cancellation of 31 shows, and not because of rampant infighting as has been speculated by several, including Anthony.

“The band is getting along famously, better than we have in quite some time,” said Roth in the video. “As usual, we’ve bit off way more than we could chew when it came to scheduling.”

In a recent interview with American Rock Scene, Anthony says he doesn’t buy the explanation.

“Everybody’s got their own opinions,” said Anthony. “Who knows? To me it sounds kinda interesting – if you say you’re tired and you want to recharge your batteries you don’t put 30 shows on sale. If I were a fan I’d be going, ‘Why are you putting 30 shows on sale?’”

When asked about the three days it took before the band released an explanation, Anthony replied: “Maybe that’s the three days you take to come up with your story?”

Anthony added that he has no ill feelings towards his former band and is happy with his current group, Chickenfoot, which features fellow former Van Halen bandmemeber, Sammy Hagar

“I wish them well – they put out a great album,” said Anthony. “They’re a great live band, they always have been.”


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