Four Key Ways On Marketing Your Band


Ask any successful band how the journey to stardom has been and you will be surprised. You will be amazed to realize how hard they have worked to put their product out there. In fact, we can confidently say that creating a band is the easiest thing, but the toughest bit is breaking into stardom. A lot of work, particularly in marketing the brand has to be done and it will never happen in an overnight. But how did we make it as a band? Here are the four key marketing tips that helped us to put our brand out there:


1. Being Social

Being in constant communication with your fans is crucial in pushing your product. That’s why social media has been a game changer in the marketing strategies. The fans need to know what you are up to constantly or otherwise they will forget about you. With the social media, it was very easy for us to develop a massive fan base within a short time. What makes these platforms quite effective for us is their personal level of interaction with our fans. A good example is the Facebook, twitter and Instagram accounts. All you need is to keep them updated by providing information about the band including tours, new releases and any other relevant info that can the interaction moving.


2. Building Up Hype

This is a trick that has worked not only for bands but also for solo musicians. Whenever we are about to release a new single or video, we always make sure that we have hyped our fanbase as much as we can to create awareness. We provide prior information about the release a few days earlier by providing a teaser of the same. Sometimes, we run contest such as gifting fans who share our posts on different social media sites the most. What this does is pushing our product even further and probably reaching for new fans who had never heard about us. With a properly managed hype, many people will be talking about us online and that how new fans will learn about our existence.


3. Content Rules

Apart from the brand, content is the main reason why your fans are following you. As a band, they want to hear your music. You should always keep them updated on where they can find your content. This may include providing them with your social media handles such as Facebook, twitter, and your YouTube channels. If you have a website for the band, make sure that they have access to it. For us, posting our social media links and URLs on T-shirts, tickets, and stickers have worked extremely well.


4. Using the Available Data

One thing that stands out with the social media platforms is the availability of real-time data. It is easy to know that number of our followers, particularly the active ones. It is also possible to see the number of fans who have been clicking our content. With these figures, we’ve been able to identify the most effective platforms to push our products and also build momentum on. For instance, if we have a majority of our active fans on tweeter, then this is the platform that we will mostly concentrate on while pushing a new product. We also take advantage of the data to improve on areas that are not doing well.


Final Thoughts ...

These are key tips on marketing your band that can make a difference. Try them and you will be impressed with the results.



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