Gear Tips: Hall of Fame Reverb Hidden Settings

HOF The various DIP switch combinations for each mode of operation.

The TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb already comes packing a ton of great features such as ten types of reverb, settings that allow for a good amount of configuration and TC's signature TonePrint feature, allowing users to download signature sounds and settings from many of their favorite players - but did you know that it also contains two relatively powerful settings hidden away?

These two hidden settings on the Hall of Fame are Buffered Bypass and Kill-dry which might not seem that integral at first glance but are nonetheless important features for players that find themselves needing to implement them.

Brand new and out of the box, the Hall of fame is set to True-Bypass by default. This is a great feature common on a lot of pedals that allows a signal to pass through the pedal without any coloration or interference when the pedal is off.

For a lot of players, True-Bypass is good for their setup. If you have a lot of pedals or tend to use long cables, Buffered-Bypass can help keep your signal strong although requires a bit more work in order to avoid noise or unwanted tone coloration.

The Kill-dry feature essentially removes all of the dry signal from the signal path. While it might not seem useful to some, those using this pedal as part of a parallel effects loop (which already has a dry signal in the path) will find this setting essential to their setup.

To make these changes, unscrew the back plate of the pedal and look for the two small DIP-switches in the upper left corner; The upper DIP switch (the one closer to the power in jack), switches between True-Bypass mode (default) and Buffered-Bypass mode while the lower DIP switch (the one further away from the power in jack) switches between Killdry on and Kill-dry off mode.

Note that you can only remove the dry signal from the signal path if you have selected Buffered Bypass mode using the upper DIP switch as Kill-dry is not available in True Bypass mode.


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