Genuine Fender Necks and Bodies Now Available

USA Jazz Bass Body (Modern Bridge Mount)

Great news for all of you guitarists out there looking to build a custom ax from the ground up or simply looking to upgrade! Back by popular demand, Fender has just announced that they will be offering their genuine necks and bodies up for sale. This includes all of your favorite models such the Telecaster, Stratocaster, Jazz and Precision basses in both Mexican and American makes!

Although this is not the first time Fender has featured this promotion, it’s been a good while so those interested should definitely make the most of this opportunity! Stay tuned to ProAudioLand or contact us directly at for more information on all of the models available through this promotion.

Just a little reminder: If you’re looking to buy a neck and body to build a guitar, you will still need a pickguard, pickups, knobs, tuning keys, etc. but we will be more than happy to give you a great deal on anything you might need. 

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