George Harrison Gets Documentary and New Disc Release

Fans of the late George Harrison will have plenty to immerse themselves with this month as the Martin Scorsese documentary Living in the Material World has now been released along with a multi touch e-book inspired by the film. Not only that, a brand new disc featuring stripped down versions of several of the quiet Beatle’s “All Things Must Pass” songs has also been released.

The Scorsese documentary, which premiered on HBO last fall, features several intimate moments in great detail throughout the life of Harrison from his early days in Liverpool, his career with the Beatles and his later years as a solo artist. The film also features plenty of interviews with several close to the late star such as wife Olivia Harrison and son Danni.

The new disc, titled “Early Takes, Volume 1,” is similar in the style of the 2003 Beatles re-release “Let it Be… Naked” as it will take several songs from Harrison’s 1970 solo debut album, as well as a few other songs from later records, and feature them in a bare bones style, devoid of Phil Spector’s outlandish production bells and whistles.

Unlike Naked though, the new disc will feature early takes and demos instead of stripped down versions of the original release mixes, although the intimate quality of the two remains the same, giving Harrison’s familiar songs a new life and a poignant feel.

“Early Takes” features 10 songs from the “All Things Must Pass” sessions including four that didn’t make their debut until later Harrison records. Although the renditions are a bit simpler than the originals, they are equally valid in their own right and will not disappoint fans.

Check out the track listing below!

  1. 1.   My Sweet Lord
  2. 2.   Run Of The Mill
  3. 3.   I’d Have You Any Time
  4. 4.   Mama You’ve Been On My Mind
  5. 5.   Let It Be Me
  6. 6.   Woman Don’t You Cry For Me
  7. 7.   Awaiting On You All
  8. 8.   Behind That Locked Door
  9. 9.   All Things Must Pass
  10. 10. Light That Has Lighted The World



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