Godin MultiAc Nylon Encore 7 Acoustic Electric Guitar Review


In 2011, Godin introduced the MultiAc Encore Nylon acoustic electric guitar. Compared to traditional classical nylon guitars, the Encore featured a narrower nut width and a longer fret length, similar to what you’d expect to find on a typical steel string acoustic. This made the Encore an enticing acoustic for players looking to finally dip their toes in the nylon guitar waters. Now Godin is back with the MultiAc Encore Nylon 7 -- a nylon acoustic-electric guitar that is essentially a 7-string version of the 2011 Encore. And if you’re familiar with the original, you’d know that’s definitely not a bad thing. Read on for our impressions on the Godin MultiAc Encore 7 Nylon acoustic-electric guitar.


7 Strings On A Nylon Guitar?

While it might not be apparent to guitarists who don’t regularly keep up with the world of classical guitars, 7-string nylon instruments are actually becoming pretty normal, so much so that many notable string manufacturers sell plenty of 7-string sets. As with metal-centric electrics, 7-string nylons tend to utilize the additional hardware as an extra bass string, and the tuning is most commonly B1 E2 A2 D3 G3 B3 E4, although low C or low D are also used. The additional range afforded by the extra string has led to some pretty interesting compositions, to say the least.


Godin multiac nylon encore 7 review


A Nylon Made For Steel String Acoustic Players

String number aside, the Encore Nylon 7 was definitely made with steel-string players looking to make the jump to nylon in mind. If you’ve ever played a traditional classical guitar, you have more than likely noticed that the typically wider nut width, resulting in strings that are a bit farther apart than you might be used to. Or that they have a smaller scale length, with the neck joining the body at about the 12th fret. While these features make traditional nylon guitars perfectly suited for styles associated with the instrument, such as flamenco classical music, they make them feel a bit “off” to players strictly accustomed to steel string acoustics.

Not so with the Encore 7. While the nut width is a little wide at 2.36”, it is merely to accommodate the extra string. The rest of the string-to-string distance remains in line with that of a typical acoustic. It also features a 25.59” scale length and a neck that joins the body between the 15th and 16th frets, two more specs that will make transitioning from a steel string acoustic feel pretty natural (with the possible exception of the extra string, that is).


Godin MultiAc Nylon Encore 7


The Features Of The Godin MultiAc Encore Nylon 7

As is typical with Godin guitars, the MultiAc Encore Nylon 7 has the hallmarks of a masterfully built instrument. Featuring a silver leaf maple body, solid cedar top, cream edge binding, two-chambered mahogany neck, and a rosewood fingerboard, it's a beautiful guitar, to say the least. The build itself feels sturdy while the size and shape give it a very comfortable feel, all which add to its superb playability. And just in case the action feels a bit off, it can always be adjusted through the included truss rod.

As for the electronics, the Encore 7 features a piezo undersaddle transducer and an acoustic soundboard transducer, both of which can be used on their own or mixed together via the blend control slider, along with a custom active preamp with volume, treble, mid, and bass sliders. As typical with other Godin acoustic-electric guitars, the controls themselves are not labeled but they are fairly easy to figure out. The three EQ controls are placed close together in the middle, sandwiched by the volume slider near the top of the guitar and the blend control down by the neck (near the "Godin" insignia), all of which is powered by a 9-volt battery.


Godin MultiAc Encore 7 Nylon Acoustic Electric Guitar


The Sound Of The Godin MultiAc Encore Nylon 7

While it's easy to see that the MultiAc Encore Nylon 7 is a beautiful guitar, how does it sound? In short, it sounds amazing. Using the bottom pickup slider, you can select the exact amount of signal you want from either the unddersaddle transducer or acoustic soundboard transducer; all the way to the left for nothing but the undersaddle pickup, all the way to the right for nothing but the soundboard pickup, or anywhere else in between for the right mix of both.

With the undersaddle pickup fully engaged and the rest of the controls set to their middle (flat) positions, the Encore Nylon 7 gives a rich, full-bodied sound, albeit a tad bit bright. Sliding the blend control to the right yields a much more organic, natural sound. Bringing the EQ controls into the mix and messing around with the blend setting, I was easily able to dial in a vast array of tones. Whether you play classical, flamenco, world music, folk or even some modern styles, the Encore Nylon 7 can deliver.

The beauty of using two type of acoustic pickups in one guitar and being able to choose between one, the other, or any mix of both, is that it gives player's tremendous versatility aside from just tone. For example, undersaddle pickups are great at feedback rejection, perfect for playing with a full band. Or if you're more of a solo player, the natural response of the soundboard transducer will be a better choice.

Unsurprisingly, the guitar sounds a little quiet and flat when unplugged. It's definitely loud enough for an at-home jam or practice session, but it's obvious that it was built with amplification in mind.


godin multiac encore 7 nylon guitarGodin MultiAc Nylon Encore 7 Acoustic-Electric 7-String Guitar w/Bag @ $949.00

The Multiac Encore 7 nylon string features a 25.59" scale and a 2.36" nut width to accommodate the extra tonal body low-B or 7th string. With comfortable playability of the Multiac Encore 7, it's easy for electric steel string players to transition to nylon strings. This model also features a chambered silver leaf maple body with basswood wings and a solid cedar top, as well as a custom preamp with volume, treble, mid, bass and blend control sliders.



Final Thoughts …

This is a professional guitar, through and through. While the price tag might make it a bit out of reach for more casual players, those who make their living off performing or willing to pay a decent amount of cash for a top tier 7-string instrument will find the MultiAc Encore Nylon 7 acoustic-electric a worthy investment.

The build is phenomenal, the playability is smooth, and the highly adaptable dual acoustic pickups and EQ controls allow it to sound great in nearly any situation. Whether you're about to jump onstage with a full band, play a solo acoustic set or about to hit the studio, the active preamp and dual blendable pickups allow you to dial in the right sound and response for the job. If you're looking for a professional workhorse 7-string nylon acoustic-electric, look no further than the Godin MultiAc Encore Nylon 7.


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