Great Acoustic Rock Songs For The Holidays


It is the festive season again, time of the year when holidays songs fill the air and Christmas cheer can be felt everywhere. Although the idea of holiday rock songs might seem a bit unconventional, you will be surprised to learn that there are numerous acoustic rock songs dedicated specifically to the holidays. Some are simply classic Christmas carols turned into rock songs, while others are as unconventional as can be. Here are some great acoustic songs you can try playing for the holidays:


1. Blue Christmas- Elvis

Elvis’s love for the holiday season was undeniable. Why, he even created a whole album dedicated solely to holiday songs in 1957. One song that stands out from the album is known as Blue Christmas. It is a typical Elvis song with rock- and- roll undertones.

This amazing song was written by the talented songwriters Jay W and Billy Hayes. Elvis’s version was not the first, with the original version being released by Earnest Tubb in 1950. However, it was Elvis’s version that gave the song world- wide recognition and made it immensely popular.


2. Father Christmas- The Kinks

This rock song is rather dark- themed for a Christmas song, but it is a great acoustic holiday song to play on your guitar. It tells the story of a gang of poverty- stricken kids beating up a department- store Father Christmas and making rather unusual Christmas requests. They do not want the traditional Christmas gifts since those gifts can’t do them much good. Instead, they ask for money, which is a rather practical gift. One kid even asks Father Christmas to get his a dad a job.

It may not be the most cheerful song, but one must acknowledge that it has an authentic touch. If you are looking for a somber song to add to your holiday playlist, this song by The Kinks would be the perfect addition.


3. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) – U2

The lyrics of this song are naughty in a way, but it is refreshingly fun to listen to or even play this song. Initially released in the 60’s by a girl- group, U2 reconverted it into a sing- along rock song and propelled it to immense popularity. The song, released in 1987, tells of a person who doesn’t want to spend Christmas alone. They plead with their lover to come home for Christmas in a fun and light- hearted way.


4. Jingle Bells Rock- Bobby Helm

With lyrics borrowed from the classic Jingle Bells Christmas carol, this is yet another holiday rock song that certainly deserves a place on your playlist. The original rock version of the song was released by Bobby Helm although there have been countless other covers released through the years.


Final Thoughts ...

Contrary to what many people think, rock songs can and are perfectly suited for the holiday season. If you are a rock- music die- hard, you are certainly not lacking in songs to listen to over the festive season. If you like playing along to the songs, by all means get your guitar out and let the festivities begin.



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