Great Fender Precision Bass Pickups


The Fender Precision Bass is easily one of the most well-known instruments in the world, used by numerous bass players and on countless different genres of music. While its shape, feel and playability are huge reasons why the P-Bass is so popular, in the end, it's the tone that makes it a cut above the rest. But as good as the tone of the stock set is, you might be looking for something a little different, something that sounds more like your style. With that in mind, we'd like to share with you a few of our favorite Precision Bass replacement pickups.

AG 4P-60, 60s era 4-string P-Bass Pickups

ag4p-60The tone of the Fender P-bass is well known and can be heard on nearly every hit song from the '60s. So in order to recreate a pickup that delivered that same big, round tone, Aguilar took the time to study the pups from President Dave Boonshoft's own '63 and '64 Precision basses. The result was some of the best '60s recreations around. For starters, the AG 4P-60 P-bass pickups use period correct parts including Alnico V magnets and Heavy Formvar wire. As far as sound goes, these pickups deliver that precise amount of mid-range punch to cut through the mix along with the full, deep low-end that is expected from high-quality Precision Bass pickups. If you're a fan of classic P-bass tone and are looking for a worthy replacement set, you won't be disappointed with the AG-4P pickups.

Lindy Fralin P-Bass Replacements

Lindy Fralin Precision Bass PickupsThere's a reason why the Precision Bass became a huge success -- the tone. So rather than messing with a good thing, Lindy Fralin decided to build on what players loved about the originals, delivering that familiar sound in a modern pickup, albeit with a tiny bit more bite. Aside from delivering that signature P-bass tone, these Fralin pickups also feature that same hand-wound, high-quality construction, and materials that the company is known for. Key construction features include period correct Heavy Formvar wire and American-made Alnico V magnets. Altogether, the Lindy Fralin P-bass set delivers a fat and punchy tone with deep, rich lows and plenty of pop and clarity at the higher end range. For a no-nonsense, high-quality set of replacement P-bass pickups, look no further than the Lindy Fralin Precision Bass set.

Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound Precision Bass Pickups

Duncan Quarter Pound Precision Bass PickupsWhile the two P-Bass pickups above are crafted with the classic sound of the bass in mind, Duncan's Quarter Pound pickups were made to kick things up a notch.  Featuring large diameter alnico 5-rod magnets and a high output coil wind, these babies are all about fat, massive bass tone with tremendous mid-range presence and a ton of output. While they are perfect for hard rock and metal, they are actually pretty versatile and work for a whole host of other genres. And like the rest of Seymour Duncan's pickups, they are hand built in their Santa Barbara facility using top of the line materials. Hey -- they are Duncan's most popular Bassline model bass pickup set for a reason!

EMG Geezer Butler Signature P-Bass Set

EMG Geezer Butler P-Bass Pickup SetLast but not least, we the have EMG Geezer Butler Signature set, a collaborative effort between the Black Sabbath bassist himself and EMG founder Rob Turner. This set was painstakingly made to deliver the classic bass tone of the early Black Sabbath days -- albeit with a few modern touches. Featuring just the right amount of punch and bite with a deep yet tight low-end, it works great for both classic and modern rock styles. And like many other EMG pickups, the Geezer Butler Set features the companies signature solderless install system, making the replacement as easy as it gets. Whether you're a fan of Black Sabbath or just looking for a new set of awesome EMG P-Bass pickups, you can't go wrong with the GZR-P Set.