Great Gifts For Metal Players

Do you need some ideas on what to get that metal-head in your life? Is that person you? Not a problem! Below, we'll be taking a look at all things heavy metal, from the guitars tailor made for shredding, high-gain pickups and more!


Popular Guitars for Metal


A very popular metal guitar brand and just as commercially successful. The Jackson guitar brand began when Randy Rhoads approached custom guitar company Charvel in order to create a brand new guitar for the guitarist. The end product would be known as the Concorde and was such a departure from Charvel’s Stratocaster type designs that owner Grover Jackson decided to put his own name as the brand. Soon after, several more ‘80s era metal heads grew to love the unique designs and comparatively tougher look of the Jackson brand guitars as well as the company’s reputation for high-quality custom craftsmanship. For the highest quality, professionally crafted electric guitars, you can't go wrong with a Jackson.


Schecter Guitar Research

The Company got its start in 1976 as purely a replacement parts producer for existing guitar manufacturers such as Gibson and Fender.  By the early ‘80s, Schecter was manufacturing over 400 parts and their supply just couldn’t keep up with demand, causing the company to be sold to a group of Texan investors who relocated the company to Dallas and began producing high-quality guitars, to much success. Several of their early designs were based off popular Fender models such as the Schecter Saturn and Mercury, being off shots of the Telecaster and Stratocaster, respectively. It was during this time in the mid-eighties that Schecter got its first huge endorsement by classical metal guitar virtuoso Yngwie Malmsteen. Today, they are endorsed by several of the biggest names in not just metal such as Robert Smith of The Cure as well as Robin Zander of Cheap Trick  and have gained a reputation for creating great quality guitars based off of popular models at comparatively affordable prices.


B.C. Rich

You may think that a flamenco player would not be someone who would design guitars for metal-heads and shredders, but the story of Bernardo Chavez Rico would prove otherwise. Known today as B.C.Rich, Bernie started building a few custom guitars and basses in the early 70’s after being inspired by Gibson guitars of the day. Previously a flamenco player and Flamenco guitar builder, Bernie eventually grew B.C Rich into a guitar company known for building guitars for metal guitarists. Today B.C. Rich guitars are played by top-metal artists around the world, as exhibited by the Kerry King Metal Master Signature models, crafted specifically for the lead guitarist of Slayer.Models like the Pro X Bich, Mockingbird, and Avenged SOB are designs that no other guitar company is making, or even trying to copy! If you’re looking for guitars the defy convention and break the mold of traditional shapes and construction, then have to give B.C. Rich a try.



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Popular Pickups for Metal

EMG 81 and 85

Quite possibly the most popular pickups in all of metal, the 81/85 combo is used by hundreds of metal guitarists around the world. Zakk Wylde popularized the 81 lead 85 rhythm configuration used by most today although other notable players such as Kirk Hammett use 81s as both neck and bridge pickups. Known for their distinct tone, these pickups give metal players the extra boost of signal power made available through their active setup while producing a smooth control at higher levels in comparison to most standard pickup models. This means better high gain control and less feedback when pumping it up to 11. These pickups are so popular several notable guitar manufacturers feature them as stock for several of their models including ESP, Schecter, Dean, Epiphone, B.C. Rich, Jackson and Paul Reed Smith.


Seymour Duncan Blackouts

metalAnother solid and popular line of pickups for aspiring metal guitarists, these bad boys feature a more old-school metal sound, especially when combined with the power of an active pickup system. You’ll get plenty of compressed but powerful tones complete with that aggressive deep chunky sound that older metal is known for. Their added humbucking design means less noise and more pure tone. The biggest difference between them and the EMG 81/85 is that they have a far wider range of output signals, meaning higher highs and lower lows, which can be good or bad depending on your preference. Those who prefer Blackouts dislike the overly compressed tone of the EMGs while the other side complains about the excessive bass on the Duncans.


Seymour Duncan SHR-1 Hot Rails for Stratocaster-Style Guitars

For all of you Stratocaster fans looking for something with a bit more bite, Seymour Duncan has the absolute perfect set of pickups for you. Not familiar with Hot Rails? Iron Maiden used them in all of their Strats, and believe me, they rocked pretty damn hard. Much like the EMG-81s, these pickups give you a fat chunky tone with plenty of sustain for heavy hitting riffs and yes, you can still play these babies clean and noiseless if you so desire. Although these are humbucking pickups, they retain the size of your average Strat pickup, so those worried about having to do surgery on their guitar in order to take advantage of the noiseless qualities of humbuckers needn’t worry.


Effects Pedals

The first thing you’ll need is a good distortion pedal, and what better way to sound like your favorite guitarist than by getting yourself their signature series effect pedal! The late great Dimebag Darrell has a pedal designed specifically for his signature sound, great for all your distortion needs. Also, you can’t go wrong with a classic, such as MXR's M78 Badass Distortion. Check out the Eddie Van Halen Phaser 90, popular with many of today’s lead metal guitarist looking to add a bit of a sweep to their solos. Want something that screams a bit more? Try out Seymour Duncan’s Original Crybaby Wah, Kirk Hammett’s favorite wah-wah pedal, used on most of Metallica’s early to mid era solos.



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