Great Humbucker Combinations for 70s Rock

The 70s were an amazing time for rock, giving birth to some of the most popular guitar tones ever created. But you can't mention 70s rock without giving credit to the humbucker guitar pickup. With that in mind, we'd like to take a look at five awesome Seymour Duncan humbucker sets that are tailor-made to recreate that legendary '70s arena rock tone.


Saturday Night Special Set

11104-11-bThis recently released humbucker set was made to deliver the signature 70s crunch that era is known for. Featuring Alnico 4 magnets, this set is perfect for recreating arena rock tones that made the decade memorable to guitar players everywhere. Compared to traditional '50s era models, this set is slightly hotter, although it does lack the prominent compression found in traditional high-gain humbuckers. If you're a fan of 70s arena rock tones, you can't go wrong with Duncan's Saturday Night Special humbucker set!



Hot Rodded Humbucker Set

sh2n_sh4_rz_zebra_zebraNext up on the list, the JB/Jazz Antiquity set, featuring two great humbuckers that sound better together. Starting off with the JB bridge humbucker, it provides plenty of output while retaining singing highs, aggressive harmonics, and just the right blend of sustain and distortion. It's so popular that it remains one of our best-selling pickups, and for good reason. Couple that with a Jazz humbucker in the neck position, and you have a combination that has been used by some of the biggest players in rock history, including Chris Stein of Blondie and Dave Mustaine of Megadeth.



Full Shred Set

sh-10n_zWhen you have a pickup set that was developed with the direct input from classic guitar players, including Vivian Campbell and Heart's Nancy Wilson, you know you have something special on your hands. Combining the bright, moderate output, tight low end and scooped mids of the bridge humbucker with the articulate and bright attack of the neck, and you have a humbucker set that rock dreams are made of!



Vintage Blues Set

70s tone Vintage Blues SetThis set consists of the 59 Neck and 59 Bridge coupled together, making a highly versatile and classic rock tone combination. The 59 bridge features the sound of a full PAF humbucker thanks to its Alnico 5 magnet, while the 59 neck is bright yet smooth. While it doesn't offer the hotter output of modern humbuckers, this set doesn't disappoint when it comes to high-quality, vintage-inspired tone and is easily capable of recreating the classic grit of '70s rock. While both of these humbuckers are often paired with other pickups, we feel that work just as good if not better when coupled together.



Custom Bridge/59 Neck

If you're a fan of the traditional warm sounding tone and prominent mid-range of a Les Paul or PRS guitar but want something with more of that 70s rock tone, the Ducan Custom SH-5 bridge and 59 neck is the answer. In fact, Howard Leese of Bad Company and Heart used the SH-5 to record some of his best work during the 70s!



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