Guitar Tips: Improving Your Skills And Accuracy

There are many things that separate a bad guitar player from the excellent ones, but one of the most significant of them is the playing with superb accuracy. The number one sin in playing the guitar is by playing the song hurriedly or even worse, hesitantly. If you suffer from these sloppy symptoms of poor guitar work, they definitely need adjusting. If you want to know learn how to play with better speed and accuracy, try out the tips below.


Slow Down

You need to make sure that you only transition when you need to and that you strum and finger cleanly. If you are having a hard time staying in rhythm, you can use a drum track or a metronome for help. Listen and examine how much unnecessary noise you make as you play. Does your hand feel confident and comfortable every time it shifts? If yes, why? If no, why not? Have you thought about having the need to go back to the basics? It wouldn’t harm you if you revisit the skills that you’ve learned and developed already.


Embrace The Silence

A famous composer, Claude Debussy, once said that music is hidden in the space that is in between the notes. A sloppy guitarist tends to have a habit of overplaying. On the other hand, the controlled and precise guitarist knows very well that the notes you don’t hit are as important as the ones you do. Try to look for a way to pause. Make your notes transform themselves as valleys and peaks instead of rushing ants. Classical music and jazz are good examples of genres that take full advantage pauses and off notes.



In order for you to practice your guitar accuracy, it would help if you whittle down your gear, even if it’s just for a little while. What I’m basically saying here is turn off your effects, plug in your electric guitar into the amp and think of the whole setup as if it was an acoustic instrument. The best guitar players even find forgoing the pick temporarily is good in reorienting their fingers’ relationship to the strings.

Of course, it will sound uninspiring and dry at first but just give it time. Soon, you should find that you are now focused on the important fundamentals of guitar playing. Your interaction with your guitar strings will intensify, your vibrato will definitely bloom, and your trips around the neck of your guitar will become all the more assertive!


Brush Up On Guitar Music Theory

When it’s time for guitarists to play a fill or a lead, they usually just feel their way through the stage, in front of a wild audience. Improvisation certainly is an inspiring and great tactic. However, winging it is not the same as improvisation.

If your fretboard looks like a mystery to you half the time, make use of the internet and look up note charts, chords, and scales. Memorizing the whole thing can be boring, but you will develop your melodic sense and with practice, work your way towards mastering the fretboard. It would even create a habit of playing the guitar more accurately.


With practice and a little bit of patience, you should definitely see advances in your guitar-playing skills. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, you certainly owe it to yourself in looking for ways on how you can improve your accuracy and confidence. By mastering the fundamentals, you will lay the foundation for your journey to guitar dominance!

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