Learning How To Play Guitar Solos

Before you even attempt to play an easy guitar solo it is important that you learn more about them. Guitar solos are melodic passages or complete pieces of music which have been written purely for playing on either an electric or acoustic guitar. Many of these guitar solos such as those played in rock, metal, and jazz or blues music allow for some improvisation on the part of the guitarist as well.


Guitar solos will be written either just to be played purely by a guitar or there are other pieces written where other instruments are used to accompany it. This is particularly common in many forms of rock music played today. Generally, it is the lead guitarist in the rock group who will be given the role of playing any solo pieces of guitar music in the group's songs.

When you are just starting to learn how to play the guitar then spending time learning a few easy guitar solos could prove very beneficial to your playing technique. There are many easy guitar solos to consider and below we look at two which are certainly some of the easiest to learn.


1. Sweet Child O'Mine By Guns N' Roses - If you are just learning how to play the guitar and never attempted a guitar solo before then you may find this one hard to master initially as it contains some string skipping.

But when it comes to you learning how to play this particular guitar solo it is a good idea to set up a metronome next to you. Now reduce the tempo to slower than that of the 120 beats per minute which this particular piece of music is normally played at. Now you just need to practice this solo at the much slower pace and then as your confidence in your playing increases so you can then speed up the tempo on the metronome.

If you still find that after slowing the tempo down from the 120 beats per minute you are still finding it difficult to master this guitar solo slow it down even further. Thinking that you will be able to play this at the same speed as Slash of Guns N' Roses straight away is not going to happen. If you find you have difficulties playing it even at slow speed then when you attempt to play it at the right tempo will prove ever more difficult. Also, you have to keep in mind that each note you play on this particular guitar solo is an eighth note so every note you play on makes up half a beat on a metronome.


2. Smells Like Teen Spirit By Nirvana - This has proven to be one of the most influential songs of all time and though the solo within it is very short it is perfectly suited to those who are just learning how to play the guitar. The reason for this being is that this particular easy guitar solo actually mimics the verse within the song.


In Conclusion ...

With this easy guitar solo you can attempt to play it without using your little finger, but if you are only just learning how to play the guitar it helps you when practicing to use your little finger. If you use your little finger you will find that you are able to play the 8th fret note when you need to move from the G to D string and then the D to A string. However, you also have to remember that you use your index finger when playing this guitar solo so that you can then bend the 8th fret note.



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