Gus G Demos the BBE G Screamer Overdrive


Famed stompbox creator Paul Gagon joined forces with Ozzy Osbourne / Firewind guitarist Gus G with the task of making the already great BBE Green Screamer even better. Their creation? The G Screamer Overdrive which takes everything players love about the Green Screamer, from its nice dynamic range to its smooth and warm overdrive tones, and adds a concentrated amount of kick!

The original Green Screamer was renowned for having an excellent combination of thick gain and warm harmonics that mixed amazingly well with tube amps, creating a signature overdrive tone that has been described as both complex and smooth. Even when plugged into a solid state, the Green Screamer could produce a nice dynamic range of smooth and warm overdrive tones associated with vintage tube amps.

With the G Screamer, the most important change – besides the all black paint job – is the enhanced input driver and modified classic sequential-diode distortion circuit which creates a more focused tone, especially in the lower mid harmonics. This  produces a cleaner, tighter distortion and a much more precise attack, giving it a noticeable punch that works great for screaming solos or slightly dirty arpeggios. While the Green Screamer boasts an overdrive tone that sounds like it was made to perfectly fit in a blues/classic rock song, the G Screamer has a bit more bite, excellent for classic ‘80s metal or the high attack modern thrash and screaming lead tone that Gus G is known for.

With its upgraded circuitry and heavier focus on the lower mid harmonics, this pedal can really scream when you need it. And who better to demonstrate what the G Screamer can do than Gus G himself:


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